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A nice team, an individual approach, but also the opportunity to exercise regularly, to learn a dance style that only a small percentage of people in the Czech Republic can do, yet it is popular all over the world, this and much more in a very friendly and relaxed environment. 

Veronika N.


10 week course for complete beginners is the first introduction to Irish solo dancing in soft and heavy shoes. The tuition focuses only on the most basic steps and dance technique. 


Further tuition focuses on specific solo dances in various rhythms, divided into two 12-week courses. In the Solo Dances 1 and Solo Dances 2 courses, you will learn two dances in soft shoes and one in hard shoes each. In total, 6 dances over 24 weeks cover nearly the entire beginner level.

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We teach the fundamentals of solo dance in both soft shoes and hard shoes (Irish step) through several short-term courses. The teaching is pleasantly structured, allowing time for the absorption of new skills.


I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start Irish dancing. The instructor is excellent, the atmosphere is great, and the teaching is well-designed so that even complete beginners can grasp the dances and learn a lot in just 10 weeks. Ten out of ten points. :-)


Weekly dose of Irish solo dance in soft shoes and Irish step for youth and adults who are already familiar with beginner-level dances and wish to further develop in this style of Irish dance.


Our original dance classes, Irish tap Rhythm&Fun, are designed for dancers who want to engage in this activity recreationally. The entire year is divided into three parts, each focusing on step technique, routines, and dances in different rhythms.

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Irish step dancing

An introduction to Irish solo dancing


Preparation for dance competitions and exams

Dancers from Beginner to Open, who want to compete, may join our competition class after prior agreement. Dancers engage in competition practice and everything that belongs to this discipline, according to their level. They represent the dance school at international dance competitions, or have the opportunity to take a dance (grade) exams. 

We teach Sean-nós dancing through short-term courses. We always strive to vary the content of each course so that even regular attendees can further develop in this highly unique style of Irish dance.

Complete Beginner

Sean nós dancing

A traditional solo style that allows personal interpretation of music through improvisation.

Danced close to the ground, dancers complement the musical accompaniment with rhythmic variations. This style of dance does not require special footwear. Sean nós is often seen in relaxed and informal settings such as social gatherings, pubs, or informal ceilí events.

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