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Dance competitions and rehearsals

inSpiral Dance Company is registered under the largest and oldest Irish Dance Commission -Án Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha(CLRG) - based in Dublin, and its Regional Councils for Continental Europe and Asia -Regional Council for Continental Europe and Asia(RCCEA).

The aim of An Coimisiún is to preserve and promote Irish dance, including step dancing, céilí dancing and other team dances, and to further promote the use of the Irish language.


Regular attendance of lessons under the guidance of a qualified instructor (TCRG) registered with the Irish Dance Commission (CLRG) opens the possibility to participate in Irish dance competitions (feis) at home and abroad. 

The competitions are held once a year and are a big event. They usually last a day or a whole weekend. They compete in solo dances and in teams (2,3,4,6 and 8 dancers). Individual competitions are divided according to level and age. Besides Prague, the nearest competitions are in Bratislava, Vienna and Munich, but they are also held in other European cities.

The big event is the important championships, such as the All Ireland's, Great Britain's, and others, as well as the Regional Qualification for the World Championship, which is the most prestigious event and takes place every year at Easter. 

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Dance exams

The Irish Dance Commission (CLRG) offers a structured scheme of selected solo and ceilidh dances divided into one optional preparatory and subsequent 12 grades, with grade by grade increasing the requirement of candidates' skills, knowledge and ability. The purpose is to provide a structured framework within which dancers can work towards an attainable goal to gain a good foundation in Irish dancing. Each candidate is individually tested and receives a detailed written evaluation of their performance and knowledge of the given level, including a diploma for each successfully completed level.

Each candidate for the teaching qualification (TCRG) must first successfully pass the examinations of all 12 grades.

Required dances for individual levels of dance exams
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