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Terms and Conditions

At inSpiral Dance Company we have our policies and conditions important for running and organizing the school. 

That is why it is important for us that you get to know them and respect them during your time at our school.


Classes do not take place during public holidays and school holidays, and at a different, previously announced time. Holidays are governed by the schedule announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Dancers represent inSpiral Dance Company even outside of dance classes, so their actions and behavior should match their performance. 

The instructor is responsible for the under-age dancers only during the lesson. The legal representative or a previously appointed person are responsible for under-age dancer before and after the lesson. In the case of the "Happy tots" and "Busy bees" lessons, we require the presence of a parent or previously appointed person in the studio premises (outside the dance hall) if the little dancers need to for e.g.: use the bathroom, so that the instructor does not have to run out of the lesson and the teaching is not interrupted.

Entrance to the dance hall is possible only in appropriate dance shoes, barefoot or in socks. Wear appropriate clothing for physical activity to class.

Keep the dressing room area and other studio areas clean after using.

The dance school is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings. We recommend that dancers always take all personal and important things with them to the lesson. 



The minimum number of people to open solo dance lessons is five and eight people for social dance lessons. The offered lessons will be canceled if this minimum number is not reached by the first lesson. Registered dancers will be informed in time in case of possible cancellation.

Registration for weekly dance classes / short-term courses / workshops is mandatory for the given period. If the dancer (or his legal representative) decides not to continue after the first attended lesson, we will refund the paid course fee in its full amount.

Registration for short-term courses is only possible before the course commence. It is possible to register into weekly dance classes at any time during the year, but we recommend checking the available capacity in advance. 

The the total course fee is set according to the number of lessons in a given period. The fee for any short-term courses and workshops must be paid in full before the first lesson.  The whole amount, half, or the pre-agreed installment amount for weekly dance classes must be paid before the first attended lesson. Please pay via bank transfer to account 2700722329/2010. Include the name of the course/lesson/workshop and the name of the dancer in the notes.

On request, we are happy to issue an invoice, for the purpose of reimbursement from the employer, or for a request for a contribution from the health insurance company. We ask you kindly to wait with the payment until you receive the invoice. 


In the event that teaching becomes impossible due to an epidemiological situation, the remaining part of the course fee will either be transferred to the next payment period after agreement, or will be returned to the same bank account from which it was paid. The appropriate amount is also returned in the event that the lesson does not take place for serious reasons, and no alternative date can be found.



Each applicant or his/her legal representative will evaluate the possible risks in the context of the chosen activity, taking into account the current state of health, or check them at his/her own expense with the attending physician.


Adult dancers or the parents of under-age dancers are obliged to inform the dance school about medical fitness, health problems or other serious facts that could affect the course of the lesson.


Dancers are not allowed to attend dance lessons during illness.


Excuses from classes can be made by: 1) SMS to (+420) 604 704 538 or 2) E-mail to Alternatively contact dance instructor directly.


Course fees are non-refundable due to illness or absence of the dancer for the lesson.


It is the duty of every dancer to come to lessons on time. In case of absence, apologize in time. Under-age dancers are excused by their legal representative. 

During the lessons, stay only in the place designated by the dance instructor, carefully follow his/her explanation and instructions, and do not disturb.

Comply with the operating rules of the facility in which the lessons are held.

Practice the acquired dance material outside of dance lessons.

In the event of any injury to a dancer during lessons or during an event organized by the dance school, the dancer will immediately report this fact to the dancer instructor. 


Take video recordings or photos from in the lesson without the permission of the dance instructor.

Eating or having chewing gum during dance lessons.

Use a mobile phone during the lesson. If a dancer has a cell phone with them in the hall, it must remain switched off or have the ringer turned off.

Entering the dance hall in shoes that have already been used for walking on the street, for hygienic and technical reasons.

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