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Fun, self-confidence building, but also an opportunity to burn off a lot of energy, get moving, make new friends

and much more in a very positive, caring and encouraging environment. 

Happy tots

In the 2023/24 school year, we offer weekly classes for girls and boys from 4 to 15 years old. 

Tutition is held in our studio at Jiřího z Poděbrad in Prague 2.


The program for the youngest beginners is designed to learn basic skills that further develop into Irish dancing as well as having fun through various little challenges.  Warm-up with exercise tools, rhythmic exercises, listening to music and stretching at the end, are essential parts of each lesson. Children also learn the first basic steps such as point, promenade, sidestep, jumps. 


I warmly recommend children's dance lessons with an impeccable team of young people led by Tereza Bernardová to everyone. Their approach to children is very sensitive and at the same time professional. In a playful way, children learn to dance and find many new friends.

Renata R.

Jiggle jigs

Regular dance adventures for children from 10 years old. First, the dancers set out to learn the basic step combinations of Irish dance in so-called soft shoes andwith the first solo dances discover charming  Irish melodies and rhythms. 

After mastering the first dances in soft shoes, we extend the teaching to two lessons a week. The second lesson is focused on the basics of Irish step (so-called heavy shoes) and the first step dances at the beginner level.

Busy bees

As soon as the children master the first basic steps, they gradually become familiar with other step combinations and rhythms, so far in so-called soft shoes, and then with the first solo dances.

After mastering the first dances in soft shoes

As soon as the children master the first dance steps, they gradually learn the first solo dances in soft shoes.

After mastering those, the tuition is extended into two lessons per week. The second lesson is focused on the basics of heavy shoes leading into learning the first heavy shoe dances at the beginner level. 


Mastering the basics is the stepping stone for further development in the Irish dancing. In the next grades dancers also get to practise in a team and learn some simple social and ceilí dances. Dancers, if interested, may have the opportunity to compete, perform or take dance exams. 

Irish dancing is part of a culture with a rich tradition that continues to evolve and has something to offer at every age. Children and their joy of movement are a great inspiration for us and the main engine for passing on our knowledge not only in this area of dance. Dance develops the whole personality, both physically and mentally, at the same time the dancer gains experience useful in everyday life. 

Dance teacher and mother of two, Tereza Bernardová, is approaching  dancers with kindness and sensitivity, encourages children to progress towards their full potential as a dancers.

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