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Bye-bye 2016! Welcome 2017!

02. 01. 2017

Here is a brief overview of 2016 in inSpiral Dance Company. Happy 2017!

Autumn in inSpiral

22. 11. 2016

inSpiral Dance Company kicked of the 4th year of classes in Prague in September. Regular Irish dance classes has gradually started in Kyje, newly in Holešovice, in Coal Market and also outside Prague in Pilsen and Most. Regular weekend workshops were held in Tampere in Finland on the first weekend in September, week later in Brno and also in Hildrizhausen in Germany in mid-September.

Since September some of our dancers from the Czech Republic, Germany and Finland traveled to competitions in Romania (Buchurest feis), Germany (Ramstein feis), England (Kelley O'Boyle feis) and Scotland (Feis na Grianna). Especially in Ramstein, we there was greater representation from Germany and it was quite successful event for us.




Kateřina Kovářová from Brno successfully passed grades 4-6 from a total of 12 Grades of Irish dance diploma in Bucharest.


Slovak television station JOJ broadcasted one part of the Czech Slovakia Got Talent 2016 on Sunday, October 16. Dance in Pulse as one of the acts performed with four part choreography by Andrej Mikulka. Unfortunately the final TV edits showed only bit of last part of choreography. Nevertheless, the panel of 4 juries liked the act and sent it Dance in Pulse to the next round. Among the dancers were also inSpiral dancers Karel Fous, Dominika Dvořáková, Eva Gitschinská, Tereza Bernardová and Andrej Mikulka.




inSpiral Dance Company in co-operation with Finnish Irish dancers organized two dance events in Helsinki over the weekend of 22nd - 23rd of October. Grade exams were held on Saturday and around 30 dancers from inSpiral Dance Company Finland, Red Star Academy, Iridan Academy and Luas Dance School took part in examination. The most numerous were grades 1 to 4 and after that some took part in higher grades. Among the inSpiral dancers who passed the higher grades already was Tiina Murtola (grades 9-10), Noora Karjalainen (grade 8) and Heidi Aaltonen (grades 5-7).





Our first Class feis was held on Sunday. The event was rather small, however, it was open to the public. For most dancers, it was the first feis and for some it was preparation for upcoming Europe feis in Vienna. Both events ran smooth and on time and the atmosphere was relaxed and friedly. Adjudicator for both events was Brendan O'Brien from Dublin. The weekend venue was Club Fiesta Flamenco - located in one of the city parks - precisely the venue was part of one underground bunker. It is safe to say that participants were in the safest place in the area. Big thanks to Tiina Murtola and Heidi Aaltonen who were most involved in preparation of both events on Finish side. 




The last weekend in October workshop was held in the Finnish city of Turku. Notes form recent grade exams and Class feis were processed and the focus was on preparing for the upcoming Europe feis and Qualifying championships for the World Championship 2017 in Vienna. Monthly workshop was also held in Brno on the first Sunday in November and week later dancers in Hildrizhausen had their last practice before Vienna weekend.

In early November, Anna Österreicher and Isabell Stolz travelled to Belfast where they represented inSpiral Dance Company at the All Ireland Championships. Great experience for both girls and hopefully they have motivated other dancers from our school to take part in other major competitions.



Qualifying championships for the World Irish dancing championships 2017 and Europe feis were held in Vienna over the weekend of the 18th - 20th of November. Whole weekend was kicked of by huge Opening ceremony. Flag parade was followed by number of speeches. All RTME members who passed their TMRF, TCRG, ADCRG or BC exams in the past 7 years where brought up to stage and presented in front of the audience. Dance programme was opened by Vienna city ballet dancers and then followed by all different Irish dance schools showcases. Both competition events together drew over 1,000 competitors. Qualifying championship took place in one hall and the Europe feir in another hall. Live music was played by amazing musicians Dean Crouch and William Patterson. The adjudicators at the weekend were: Grainne Ni Chonchubhair (Ireland), Hilary Joyce-Owens (England), Maire Mhic Aogáin (Ireland), Nancy Troy O'Herlihy (Ireland), Stephen McAteer (England), Eugene Harnett (Ireland).



inSpiral Dance Company was represented by dancers from the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and Slovakia. Everyone danced very well and it showed that even continental Europe standard is becoming closer to the one in Britain and Ireland. We have two World qualifiers - Erblina Banushi (U15 girls) from TSV Hildrizhausen, Germany, with overall 3rd place and Kateřina Kovářová (O20 senior ladies) from Brno, Czech Republic, with overall 13th place. Huge well done and congratulations to both girls!!! Others dancing at the Qualifying championships danced also very well, unfortunately they haven’t reached the qualifying medals.









The Europe feis seemed to be quite successful for our dancers. Many have progressed to the next level. From Germany are only attended Feise Theresa Mertz was the only one who took part at the feis from Germany. On the other hand there were 23 dancers from Finland. The rest of our dancers travelled from Prague, Brno and Bratislava. Congratulations to all dance achievements, and we look forward to another event together. Big thank you comes to organizers of the whole weekend - Ursula, Harald and Mena Habermayer who have done amazing work on preparing such a big event.

Results will be published later.
















April and May in inSpiral

01. 06. 2016

Small group of inSpiral Dance Company dancers from Brno travelled to ISTA Feis in Gdynia in Poland towards the end of April. It was the very first feis for Iveta Müllerová and yet she had managed to get through to Primary level in some dances. It had been also successful competition for Anna Ireinová, Jana Vavřičková, Lenka Půžová, Martina Papoušková and Kateřina Kovářová. 




Iveta Müllerová (O30)

4. - Beginners reel 

2. - Beginners light jig* 

4. - Beginners single jig 

1. - Beginners slip jig *

4. - Beginners heavy jig 

5. - Beginners hornpipe 

4. - Trad set (B/P): Job of Journeywork

Jana Vavřičková (15-20/15-25)

1. - Beginners slip jig*

2. - Primary reel

2. - Primary light jig*

3. - Primary single jig

4. - Primary heavy jig

4. - Trophy (B/P): Slip jig

4. -  Trad set (B/P): St.Patrick’s Day

Anna Ireinová (20-25 / 15-25)

4. - Primary reel

8. - Primary trophy: reel

7. - Trad set (I/O): King of the Fairies

2. - Intermediate heavy jig

6. - Trophy (I): heavy jig

3. - 2-hand 

Lenka Půžová (20-25 / 15-25)

3. - Primary hornpipe

5. - Primary slip jig

6. - Intermediate heavy jig

7. - Trophy (B/P): hornpipe

8. - Trophy (I)

Martina Papoušková (20-25 / 15-25) 

1. - Intermediate Slip jig*

1. - Intermediate heavy jig*

2. - Trophy (I): Heavy jig

4. - Trad set (I/O): Job of Journeywork

Katka Kovářová

2. - Premier championship

3. - 2-hand reel


inSpiral Dance Company performed for the third time already at the annual Prague based Festival Irish May. It was traditionally held on the first May weekend in Theatre Celetná. Our performing group presented two new choreographies “From darkness into light” (by T.Bernardová) and “Win her heart” (by A.Mikulka) at its opening evening “Under one roof”. 
























During the month of May we held an audition for dancers interested in joining our performing group. We are delighted to welcome three new members and great dancers - Kristýna Bímanová, Zuzana Hejlová and Martina Papoušková.


Prague feis was held last weekend in May in Prague. Total number of 48 dancers from inSpiral Dance Company from the Czech Republic, Finland and Germany represented our school at this competition. All our dancers danced wonderfully and won number of trophies and medals. Some, however haven’t seemed to be in favor of adjudicators, even though they still did really well. 


inSpiral in March

06. 04. 2016

Organisers of the festival Irish May invited Colin Dunne, world renowned dance master, back to Prague for the first weekend in March. Colin Dunne’s Masterclasses proved to be popular last year, when they took place in Prague for the first time. Some of our dancers from the Czech Republic and Germany took part in these Masterclasses and they were more than satisfied with the tuition, tutor’s approach and his teaching methods. It is well worth the experience to participate at such event. 

Two regular inSpiral workshops, one in Germany and one in Finland, were held over the second weekend in March. The main focus in the classes was on upcoming World Irish dancing Championships. 


inSpiral Dance Company workshop in Helsinki / photo: inSpiral D.C. Finland

Dance in Pulse show was introduced to audience in Havličkův Brod on Sunday 20th of March. Even though the performance wasn`t sold out, it has received warming reviews shortly after the show. image_2

Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2016, also called the World Irish dancing Championships 2016, was held at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow in Scotland from the 20th - 27th of March. Such major event runs number of competitions over the week. All competitions are split into age groups. Boys and Gents competitions have always smaller number of competitors in comparison to girls and ladies competitions. Beside solo competitions there are also several team competitions such as Ceilí dance - selection of 8-hand dances from the Ar Rince Foirne, Figure dance - teams of 8-16 dancers must portray a specifically Irish historical or traditional story, event or theme. Another popular competition is called Drama Dance - teams of 8-20 dancers have a same task as in Figure dance competitions with addition of stage-props and special costumes.



Glasgow Royal Concert Hall stage / photo: T.Bernardová

inSpiral Dance Company was represented in girls and ladies solo competitions and by one Senior ladies ceilí team. All our dancers danced beautifully and we gladly support them in person in Glasgow. Just to take part in such a major dance event is valuable experience for each dancer. Everyone has an opportunity to compare to other dancers around the world, which is unlikely at the regional competitions. Beside that competitors have a free entry to the venue and are able to watch other competition throughout the week. Our dancers also had some friends and families who travelled over with them to support them. Apart from the dance competitions some of the dancers also visited touristic destinations around Glasgow, Highlands and Edinburgh.


Bente Rautenstrauch (U14) / photo: T.Bernardová


Anna Österreicher (U15) / photo: T.Bernardová


with Isabell Stollz (U19) / photo: T.Bernardová


 inSpiral Dance Company Finland Ceilí team/ photo: T.Bernardová

inSpiral in Jan & Feb

07. 03. 2016

New year 2016 kick off traditionally in dance mode with preparation for upcoming dance events. Some of inSpiral Dance Company dancers became part of a music and dance project so called Dance in Pulse led by Andrej Mikulka. This new theatre performance had its premiere in Vrchlický theatre in Louny on the 25th of February followed by reprise in Municipal theatre Jablonec upon Nisa on the 26th of February. The Spring tour will take off to another towns in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Kinosál KD Ostrov, Havlíčkův Brod (20.3.), Theatre Komedie, Prague (14.4.), Theatre Barka, Brno (15.4.), Kino Hviezda, Trenčín (16.4.) and DK Javorina, Stará Turá (17.4.).

Choreography: Andrej Mikulka, Denisa Kubášová, collective work

Dancers: Andrej Mikulka, Karel Fous, Marek Chytra, Tereza Bernardová, Marie Luisa Stiborová, Andrea Sidimáková, Blanka Hanzlová, Alžběta Růčková, Patricie Vašátková, Magdaléna Matúšová, Veronika Nejedlová, Paula Svátková

Singer: Marie Luisa Stiborová

Music: Rookery band: Tomáš Pergler, Veronika Perglerová, Filip Šelemberg, Martin Jankovec







Dance in Pulse in Jablonec upon Nisa / all photos: M.Utišilová

At the beginning of February inSpiral Dance Company performed at the annual ball of Prague 14 and Czech Rep. Police  in KD Kyje in Prague. The group was joined by two young dancers from our local Irish dancing class for children. 






Prague 14 & Czech.Rep.Police ball / All photos: O.May

We successfully started a new Irish set dancing course in January. Our aim is to cover the basics of this popular social dance form and prepare participants for upcoming set dancing events. Lessons are led by Václav Bernard whose assistants are Eva Gitschinská or Markéta Utišilová.

Two of our dancers from Brno and two from Helsinki travelled to UK at the end of February. They took part in City of London Feis and brought back another great experience from the competition field. Well done!!



Kateřina Kovářová / photo: from K.Kovářová archive


Anna Ireinová / photo: from A.Ireinová archive


Heidi Aaltonen / photo: T.Murtola


Tiina Murtola / photo: H.Aaltonen

Our dancers from Germany and Finland are working hard these months. They are traveling to the Irish dancing World Championships to Glasgow around Easter time. inSpiral Dance Company will be represented there by one Ceilí team from Finland and three solo dancers from Germany who have successfully qualified last November in Milano.

December in inSpiral

26. 12. 2015

Some of our dancers from the Czech Republic and Finland took part in Bratislava Christmas Feis in Slovakia. Local Irish dance school Avalon Academy organized this annual event near in Bratislava for the second time.  Perhaps due to the pre-Christmas time this feis has always very friendly and special atmosphere.



(L->R) Veronika, Daniela, Marina, Tereza & Sára / photo: V.Bernard

Find below our dancers results:

Marina Inchina (8-10)

1.  – beginners light jig*

10. – beginners reel

10. – beginners single jig

10. – beginners heavy jig (U10)


Marina / photo: V.Bernard


Sára / photo: V.Bernard

Sára Mayová (10-12)

5. – beginners single jig

6. -  beginners reel

8. – beginnes light jig

10. – beginners heavy jig

Veronika Plavcová (10-12)

3. – beginners single jig*

4. – beginners light jig

8. – beginners  heavy jig

9. – beginners reel


Veronika / photo: V.Bernard


Veronika & Sára / photo: V.Bernard

Anna Ireinová (14-20)

1. – beginners / primary treble reel Christmas special

3. – 2-hand reel Charity (O18)

4. – primary trophy light

5. – primary reel

5. – primary slip jig

7. – intermediate heavy jig (18-24)

8. – intermediate / open trad. set (18-24)


Anna I.  / photo: V.Bernard
2-hand reel charity O18 - Kateřina & Anna I. / photo: V.Bernard


Martina / photo: V.Bernard

Martina Papoušková (18-26)

1. – intermediate reel*

2. – intermediate slip jig

4. – intermediate heavy jig

Alžběta Růčková

1.-intermediate hornpipe*

1. – 2-hand reel Charity O18

4. – intemediate trophy heavy

4. – open light round (18-21)

5. – open heavy round (18-21)

14. – intermediate / open trad.set


 Alžběta / photo: V.Bernard 
Kateřina, Anna I., Anna K., Blanka - I/O trad set  / photo: V.Bernard
DSC_6075DSC_60972-hand reel charity O18 - Alžběta & Blanka 1., Kateřina & Anna I. - 3. / photo: V.Bernard

Blanka Hanzlová (18-26)

1. – 2-hand charity O18

3. – intermediate / open trad.set

5. – open light round (O21)

7. – open heavy round (O21)

Anna Kalistratová (18-26)

6. – intermediate slip jig

7. – intermediate / open trad. set

10. – intermediate heavy jig

4. – open light round

Kateřina Kovářová

1. – open light round (O21)

3. – 2-hand reel Charity (O18)

3. – open championships (O21)

5. – open heavy round (O21)

11. – intermediate / open trad. set (18-21)


Open heavy round O21 - Katřina, Blanka / photo: V.Bernard


Open light round O21 - Kateřina, Anna K., Blanka / photo: V.Bernard


Open Championships O21 - Kateřina / photo: V.Bernard


(L->R) Anna I., Kateřina, Tereza, Blanka, Anna K., Alžběta / photo: V.Bernard 


Milan / photo: V.Bernard


Beginners heavy jig (20-28) - Milan & Maria / photo: V.Bernard

Milan Štefek (20-24)

1. – beginners heavy jig* (20 -28)

2. – beginners reel*

2. – beginners light jig

5. – beginners single jig

Šárka Pouchlá (20-24)

4. – primary light jig

6. – beginners slip jig

7. – beginners trophy heavy (O20)

8. – beginners reel

10. – primary single jig

11. – beginners hornpipe

12. – beginners  heavy jig  (20-28)

Vivi Karlsson (20-24)

2. – beginners single jig*

2. – 4/6 hands O15

3. – beginners light jig

10. – beginners reel

11. – beginners heavy jig (20-28)

Lenka Půžová (20-24)

2. – primary reel*

3. – primary single jig

4. – primary hornpipe

5. – intermediate heavy jig (18-26)

6. – primary heavy trophy

9. – primary slip jig

Maria Enqvist (24-28)

2. – 4/6 hands O15

4. – beginners heavy jig (20-28)

6. – beginners light jig

6. – beginners single jig

11. – beginners reel


Vivi / photo: V.Bernard


4-hand reel - team from Finska / photo: V.Bernard


Lenka / photo: V.Bernard


dancers from  dance group Démáirt from Brno / photo: V.Bernard

Kristýna Bímanová (24-28)

1. – primary heavy jig

1. – primary trophy heavy (heavy jig) *

1. – primary trophy light (slip jig) *

2. – primary slip jig (O24)

2. – primary hornpipe

Lucie Špačková (24-28)

1. – primary hornpipe

1. – intermediate heavy jig (O26)*

3. – primary trophy heavy

10. – intermediate reel (O26)


Kristýna / photo: V.Bernard


Lucie / photo: V.Bernard



Kristýna & Lucie / photo: V.Bernard

Hanna Salmi

2. – 4/6 hands O15

3. – beginners / primary 2-hand reel charity (O20)

4. – primary reel (O28)

5. – beginners /primary trad.set (O24)

Veera Salminen (O28)

2. – primary heavy jig

3. – primary light jig

7. – beginners / primary trad.set (O24)

11. – primary reel


Hanna / photo: V.Bernard


Saija & Veera / photo: V.Bernard


(L->R) Milan, Daniela, Maria, Tereza, Vivi, Veera, Saija & Hanna / photo: V.Bernard

Daniela Mayová (O35)

3. – beginners single jig

6. – beginners reel

6. – beginners heavy jig (O28)

8. – beginners trophy heavy (O20)

8. – primary light jig (O28)

Saija Juvala (O35)

1.– beginners reel*

2. – 4/6 hands O15

3. – beginners / primary 2-hand reel charity (O20)

4. – primary slip jig (O24)

6. – beginners / primary trad. set (O24)

8. – beginners heavy jig (O28)

9. – primary reel (O28)

12. – beginners hornpipe (O24) 


Démáirt  with Andrej and Tereza / photo: V.Bernard


dancers from inSpiral Dance Company & inSpiral Dance Company Finland / photo: V.Bernard

We have announced a new class timetable valid from the 4th of January 2016. New class of Irish set dancing is kicking off on Wednesday 6th of January in KD Kyje (Cultural centre). Irish set dancing is very popular social activity in Ireland and elsewhere in the world. KD Kyje is easy to reach by train from Prague city centre. It is only 2 stops away from Masarykovo train station and the Cultural centre is right beside the train station. In KD Kyje we also run very popular Irish dance class for children every Tuesday afternoon. We have made slight adjustment to our Monday  Irish step dancing class, by deviding it into two groups (according to the levels).  All other classes remained the same as in the previous season. Although it is possible to enter into our classes during the year, we highly recommend to double check the current availability and secure your place in advance.  If you decide to attend one of our classes for the first time, we offer you FREE trial class. This offer, however, is not available for our new Irish set dancing class.

November in inSpiral

30. 11. 2015

The first half of November was dedicated to final practising for Mainland Europe Championships which was also qualifying event for World Irish Dancing Championships 2016 in Glasgow. Workshops, regular and private classes were run across the inSpiral Dance Company in Tampere (Finland), Prague and Brno (Czech Republic) and Hildirzhausen (Germany).


dancers from inSpiral Dance Company Finland at the Mainland Europe Championships in Milan / photo: T.Bernardová


Isabell Stolz - U19 Ladies Mainland Europe Champion / photo: T.Bernardová 

Mainland Europe Championships and qualifiers were held in Milan in Italy over the weekend of 20th -22nd of November. Unlike other years, where local Irish dance school organize such event, this time it was prepared and run by selected RTME team. Total number of 18 dancers from 3 countries represented inSpiral Dance Company in Milan. Irish dancing Open level in Mainland Europe is growing stronger every year so it was very interesting to watch all those open dancers in their age groups. Some of the categories would be bigger and some smaller in numbers. We are confident to say that all our dancers danced beautifully however only some were lucky to qualify for the Worlds. Three adjudicators sometimes surprised with their order and selection of top dancers, but overall all dancers danced their best. At the end of the day the number of qualified dancers was dependent on number of entered dancers in each category.


Bente & Ellen passing their time / photo: from archive

There were also subsidiary competitions for dancers in intermediate level and team competitions. It was mostly our Finnish dancers entered these competitions.

Here is an overview of our results in Milan.


Under 13 Girls / Bente Rautenstrauch – 3. (qualified), Ellen Stoll – 11.

Under 14 Girls / Erblina Banushi – 2. (qualified), Anna Österreicher – 5. (qualified)

Under 17 Girls / Isabella Rückel – 10.

Under 19 Ladies / Isabell Stolz – 1. (qualified)

Senior Ladies / Dominika Dvořáková  - 17., Heidi Aaltonen – 18., Laura Kätkänaho – 19., Kateřina Kovářová – 22., Michaela Tvrdíková – 23.

Senior Ladies Ceili / Team A – inSpiral Dance Company Finland – 4. (qualified) 


 (L->R) Isabella, Erblina, Bente, Ellen & Anna with Tereza / photo: T.Bernardová

Senior ladies & Isi

(L->R) Heidi, Dominika, Michaela, Isabell, Laura & Kateřina / photo: T.Bernardová


inSpiral D.C. Ceilí team & dancers  from Finland / photo: T.Bernardová 

image1 (1)

 Aisling Award (Mainland Europe) holders 2015  presentation / poto: from archive


18-24 European Trad Set / Kateřina Kovářová – 14.

24 – 30 European Adult Championship / Tiina Maria Murtola – 3.

Over 24 European Trophy competition / Noora Kajalainen – 10., Tiina Maria Murtola – 13.

Over 30 European Adult Championship / Noora Kajalainen – 7.

Over 24 European Trad set / Tiina Maria Murtola – 4.

2-hands / to be added


team building weekend / photo: M.Utišilová

The very first inSpiral Dance Company team building weekend took place last weekend in November  in Loutí near Slapy dam in the Czech Republic. It was dedicated mainly to adult dancers from 3 Czech inSpiral sections – Prague, Brno and Pilsen.  Two more dancers from Germany also took part. Dancers could learn something about short but busy history of inSpiral Dance Company during Tereza Bernardová’s presentation. Andrej Mikulka advised dancers to look after their body and health and recommended some health supplements. Tomáš Chavalka participiated in team building weekend as a masseur.  John Fitzgerald, a 3-time World champion and accomplished dancer who accepted our invitation, was a special guest and worked with dancers of all levels on their soft shoe and heavy shoe technique. Several games were played and also a short trip was made to the surrounding area.  Total number of 32 people took part in team building weekend. Photo documentation was taken by Marekéta Utišilová.















Autumn in inSpiral

04. 11. 2015

Some of inSpiral Dance Company dancers from the Czech Republic and Germany took part in week long Bernard’s Summer School 2015 – an annual Irish dance and music educational event in Prague. They took classes with Siobhan Manson (IRL), Andrej Mikulka (SK) and Tereza Bernardová (CZ), and also participated in accompanying programme which included events as knowledge quiz, Pilates classes, Ceilí evening with live music in the New Town Hall, the Final evening in Ponec theatre, etc.

11896478_834726549978368_782365339472854345_o 11872288_834726559978367_8442851021306764404_o

11879183_834726536645036_3097648832245128247_o 11874995_834726543311702_3175800525906457967_o

inSpiral dancers (Germany and Czech Republic) during Ceilí evening at BSS2015/ photo: M.Kára


inSpiral dancers with BSS 2015 tutors / photo:T.Bernardová

image4 image1

inSpiral dancers with tutors  T.Bernardová a A.Mikulka at BSS 2015 / photo: T.Bernardová

The 3rd dance season already started this September. In Prague itself we run Irish step dancing classes for adults in all levels and tap dance class in Uhelný trh. Our Irish dance classes for children in KD Kyje and Uhelný trh are becoming more and more popular. Step dancing class in Pilsen has changed location this year and you can find us in Church Grammar School in Mikulášské náměstí. We hold regular workshops in Brno and also in Germany (Stuttgart area) and Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku). 


Irish dancing for children / photo: D.Mayová

Tereza Bernardová, inSpiral Dance Company teacher and co-founder, spent summer season performing in Irish music and dance show Pulses of Tradition and also appeared regularly at some of the Lee Sessions in Cork city in Ireland. She was touring Japan, Holland and Belgium with Ragús – Irish music and dance production – during months of September and October.

Pulses of Tradition 1

Pulses of Tradition in Cork, Ireland / photo: Pulses of Tradition archive

image2 (1)

Ragús the show in Japan / photo: Ragús archvie


Ragús the show in Holland / photo: C.McAlinden

Another competition season started in October and inSpiral dancers were representing the school at various feisanna and championships in Europe. This is how they placed:


Noora Pauliina Karjalainen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3nd - intermediate reel (O18)

1st - intermediate slip jig (O18)

6rd - intermediate heavy jig (O13)


Swindon feis trophies / photo: N.Karjalainen


Tiina Murtola (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

1st* - primary light jig (25-30)

2nd - primary slip jig (25-30)

6th - trad set int/open

3rd - intern. hornpipe

4th - interm. treble jig

2nd - adult prelim. champ. 

Venla Saavalainen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

1st* - prim. heavy jig (U20)

5th - prim. slip jig (u20)

4th - int.reel (U18)

1st - special trophy (U20)



Anna Kalistratova 

3rd - intermediate slip jig (25-30)

1st* - B/P trad set (25-35)

Martina Papoušková

1st* B/P trophy - hornpipe (19-25)

Alžběta Růčková

1st* - intermediate heavy jig (19-25)

4th - intermediate hornpipe (19-25)

7th - open championship - light round (U21)

11th - intermediate trad set (20-30)

Blanka Hanzlová

1st* - intermediate hornpipe (19-25)

2nd - intermediate heavy jig (19-25)

1st - adult championship (20-30)


Blanka Hanzlová from Brno / photo: Démáirt archive

Jana Vavřičková

10th - beginners slip jig (14-19)

11th - primary reel (14-19)

5th - primary light jig (14-19)

7th - primary single jig (14-19)

5th - primary heavy jig (14-19)

7th - primary hornpipe (14-19)

Anna Ireinová

6th - primary reel (19-25)

7th - primary slip jig (19-25)

3rd - B/P trophy (19-25)

4th - intermediate heavy jig (19-25)

4th - internediate trad set (16-20)


(L->R) Martina Papoušková, Anna Ireinová and Jana Vavřičková z Brna / photo: Démáirt archive

Dominika Dvořáková

5th - intermediate trad set (20-30)

7th - open championship (O21)

5th - open championship - heavy round (O21)

13th - open championship - light round (O21)

Michaela Tvrdíková

9th - open championship (O21)

9th - open championship - heavy round (O21)

5th - open championship - light round (O21)

Kateřina Kovářová

6th - intermediate trad set (20-30)

16th - open championship (O21)

11th - open championship - heavy round (O21)

11th - open championship - light round (O21)

Lucie Špačková

6th - primary hornpipe (25-30)

8th - B/P trophy (25-35)

2nd - intermediate heavy jig (25-30)

Laura Kätkänaho (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

12th - intermediate trad set (20-30)

11th - open championship (O21)

14th - open championship - heavy round (O21)

17th - open championship - light round (O21)


NORDIC FEIS was held in Turku, Finland this October and it was co-organized by inSpiral Dance Company Finland dancers. Participants had an oportunity to compete in solo and team competitions and also grade examinations took place over the weekend. 

Iris Pajunen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

1st - beginners single jig (U13)

Vivi Karlsson (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

4th - beginners reel (O13)

5th - beginners single jig (O18)

7th - beginners heavy jig ((O13)

Maria Enqvist (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

9th - beginners reel (O13)

6th - beginners single jig (O18)

8th - beginners heavy jig (O13)

Mari Kuuttila (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

1st* - beginner light jig (O13)

1st* - primary reel (O18)

1st* - primary slip jig (O13)

8th - primary heavy jig (O13)

5th - primary trad set (O13)

Katja Mattila (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3rd - beginners heavy jig (O13)

1st* - primary light jig (O13)

4th - primary slip jig (O13)

1st* - beginners trad set (O18)

Katri Pellinen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

4th - primary light jig (O13)

8th - 2-hand reel

Sami Rantasalo (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

2nd - primary reel (O18)

2nd - 2-hand reel


(L->R) Mari Kuuttila, Karoliina Hirvonen, Katja Mattila a Sami Rantasalo na Nordic Feisi / foto: z archivu inSpiral D.C.Finalnd

Karoliina Hirvonen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3rd - primary reel (O18)

2nd - primary slip jig (O13)

1st* - primary heavy jig (O13)

1st* - primary trad set (O13)

Laura Mustonen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3rd -  primary reel (O18)

7th - primary slip jig (O13)

4th - primary heavy jig (O13)

2nd - primary trad set (O13)

6th - 2-hand reel

Terhi Honkola (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

4th - primary reel (O18)

8th - primary slip jig (O13)

5th - primary heavy jig (O13)

1st - primary hornpipe (O18)

Anja Viljama (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

5th - primary reel (O18)

Vilma Kivinen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

6th - primary reel (O18)

5th - primary light jig (O13)

6th - primary slip jig (O13)

4th - primary trad set (O13)

3rd - 2-hand reel

Nelli Sinisalo (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3rd - 2-hand reel

Hanna Salmi (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

7th - primary reel (O18)

7th - 2-hand reel

Veera Salminen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

8th - primary reel (O18)

6th - primary light jig (O13)

9th - primary slip jig (O13)

7th - primary heavy jig (O13)

8th - primary trad set (O13)

3rd - 2-hand reel

Vive Laisi (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

6th - primary light jig (O13)

8th - primary slip jig (O13)

8th - primary trad set (O13)

6th - 2-hand reel

Saija Juvala (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

10th - primary reel (O18)

8th - primary light jig (O13)

8th - primary slip jig (O13)

4th - primary trad set (O13)

7th - 2-hand reel

Noora Pauliina Karjalainen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

2nd - intermediate reel (O18)

5th - advanced slip jig (O18)

3rd - intermediate heavy jig (O13)

5th - intermediate trad set (O18)

Evelina Räty (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3rd - intermediate reel (O18)

4th - intermediate trad set (O18)

Mari-Liisa Varila (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

2nd - intermediate slip jig (O18)

1st* - intermediate trad set (O18)

Tiina Murtola (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

4th - intermediate reel (O18)

2nd - intermediate heavy jig (O13)

2nd - intermediate hornpipe (O13)

3rd - intermediate trad set (O18)

2nd - 2-hand reel

Laura Kätkänaho (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

1st - advanced reel (O18)

2nd - advanced slip jig (O18)

1st - advanced hornpipe (O18)

1st - advanced trad set (O18)

1st - advanced open set (O18)

1st - championships O18

Heidi Aaltonen (inSpiral Dance Company Finland)

3rd - advanced reel (O18)

2nd - advanced hornpipe (O18)

5th - advanced open set (O18)

2nd - 2-hand reel


inSpiral Dance Company Finland at Nordic Feis / photo: inSpiral D.C.Finland archive

Ceili competitions


1st - inSpiral Dance Company Finland / Turku mixed

2nd - inSpiral Dance Company Finland / Helsinki

3rd - inSpiral Dance Company Finland / Turku ladies


1st - inSpiral Dance Company Finland / HTJV 

2nd - inSpiral Dance Company Finland / Turku



Nina Bürglin (inSpiral Dance Company – TSV Hildrizhausen) 

7th - beginners reel (14-20)

6th - beginners slip jig (14-20)

4th - beginners single jig (14-20)

5th - primary light jig (14-20)

9th - beg./prim. trophy


stage in INEC Killarney at the All Ireland's Championships / photo: T.Bernardová

A group of three inSpiral Dance Company dancers - Dominika Dvořáková (CZ), Heidi Aaltonen and Laura Kätkänaho (Finland) - took part in Senior Ladies Over 21 competition at the All Ireland's Championships. They shared stage with around 70 dancers from Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Holland and other countries. Although their performance was very good unfortunately neither of them our dancers reached for the recall. 


(L->R) Laura Kätkänaho, Dominika Dvořáková, Tereza Bernardová and Heidi Aaltonen / photo: T.Bernardová

inSpiral Dance Company Finland continue in workshop series with Tereza. The recent workshops were held in Helsinki at the end of August and Tampere at the end of October. 


August workshop in Helsinki / photo: inSpiral D.C.Finland archive

Riverdance Summer School

01. 08. 2015

After last year dance experience and participation at the "Take the Floor" project, Dominika Dvořáková, an inSpiral Dance Company dancer from Prague, have travelled to Ireland this summer to gain another valuable experience. This time, Dominika took part in the first Riverdance Summer School in Dublin.Dominika kindly share her observations and impressions from this prestigious event in the follwing article.


RIVERDANCE SUMMER SCHOOL by its participant Dominika Dvořáková

When I heart that Riverdance will be holding first ever summer school in co-operation with the Trinity College in Dublin, I immediately knew I wanted to audition for it. Luckily, I managed to get through the auditions and on the 12th July began my new adventure.

           I arrived one day earlier and was nicely surprised that one of my friends from Take the Floor and another friend from Mainland Europe belong to my room mates. I was absolutely over the moon that I could dance in Ireland again; words can't even describe all my feelings and experiences. 

          Monday, the first day of summer school, began with registrations (there were four groups of dancers named: Lee, Shannon, Lagan and Liffey) and meeting new friends. We started with some funny games to get to know each other better, although it was really difficult to speak with everyone; there were 104 participants. Then it was time to warm up with fitness instructor and lead dancer Chloey Turner. I thought my stamina was quite good, but as I found out during warming up, it wasn't as good for Riverdance. After five minutes everyone was sweating and we even hadn't dance yet. Stretching was in form of several workouts. And I have to say that I got a feeling my legs were made of jelly and would do anything I wanted.

           First instructors, who were about to train Lee group, were Emma Warren and James Greenan. We started to learn “Riverdance”. This was the easiest part, as nearly everyone came across with those steps. After dance session followed one hour break for lunch. We ate light sandwiches and fruit, because three hours of dancing were ahead of us. We spent the afternoon together with Shannon group in the “main hall” learning the second part of “Riverdance” under the leadership of Siobhan Manson, Callum Spencer and Brendan Dorris. At the end we were able to dance through the whole number and we also gained provisional positions and started to learn      the second part of “Reel Around the Sun”.

            Each day there was a session with a “Guest Speaker”. On Monday we were told how the costumes in Riverdance were made, what influenced them and how it is like to create costumes for such a show. Lots of decorations were taken from celtic mythology and the others were just a masterpiece of Joan Bergin, the main costume lady.

            Dinner was held in the restaurant next door; we could choose from quite wide range of meals. I went there together with my friends from Mainland Europe, Katy and Amelie, and I met there a good friend Lisa from Waterford. In the evenings there was a program for residential students. So on that evening we were watching “The best of Riverdance” and also got to know what the whole show is about. The first part symbolises supernatural spirits and legends. Reel Around the Sun captures prayers to gods and celebration. Then Countess Cathleen is a moment when positive and negative spirits fight against each other. The lead woman symbolises water and lead man the earth, so “Riverdance” is where those two elements connect. The second half of the show tells the story of Irish people, their journeys, struggles and celebrations. “American Wake” is about the journey of Irish People to America and celebrates life. “Trading taps” is a dance where two cultures, Irish and American, come across each other. And “Heartland” concludes all the journeys and symbolises new home and happiness. Tap dancers and Flamenco dancer are included in the show, because after its debut at Eurovision, the show was about to hit the Broadway and it was needed to include other dance styles.

           Everyone was tired after day one, therefore as soon as we arrived home, to the Trinity Hall, I fell asleep in a short time, excited what Tuesday would be like.

          We started each day, and Tuesday was no exception, at 10 am with warm ups. Their were really challenging, but I had to admit I was enjoying them; they forced me to push myself beyond my limits and I felt really energised and fresh. In the morning there was a dance session for about two and half hours. This time my instructors were Siobhan Manson, John Lonergan and Brendan Dorris. We were staying together with a Shannon group in the main hall learning the first part of “Reel Around the Sun”. We had to get used to the combinations of steps; at a first glance I kind of couldn't figure out what the rhythm is about, but after more practice it started to make sense. We didn't have many breaks during dance sessions, of course we were allowed to drink water when we wanted, but naturally we couldn't leave the studio in order to go to a bathroom or to shoot more water into our bowls without any permission. When such icons were standing in front of you and were watching you dancing, you would dance your best and do your 300% performance even when you were almost done.

          As usual, we got one hour break for lunch and then we went to a studio next door and Brendan gave us positions in the first part of “Reel Around the Sun”. It was quite demanding, as we had just learned the steps in the morning. After another two and half hours, there was a session with Robert Ballagh, the main set designer. We were told that the whole set is very flexible in order to be able to adapt to every conditions. It is based on the story of dance numbers; however some of the drawings have origins in Celtic mythology. For instance the scene during “Countess Cathleen”  symbolises something like “Holy Grail” to Celts. With its help the river woman is able to beat the “negative” power.

            After dinner we were off to Trinity Sports Centre to take part in “Sports Night”. I signed up for swimming. It was really good for my legs, but after some time in the pool nearly all of us started to have cramps, so we decided to spent the rest of our time in the Centre in the steam room. It was such pleasure for our tired legs.

            From time to time, we needed to practice on our own. So while doing laundry on that evening, there wasn't better place for practicing “Reel Around the Sun” than a spacious laundry room. We spent there nearly two hours with practising, but it did help us so so much!

           Everybody was excited on Wednesday; not only were we about to watch Riverdance rotations and the show at the Gaiety Theatre, but also Bill Whelan, a music composer, was going to tell us the story about how the music for Riverdance was composed. Again, we started with warm up and workouts, then Sarah Woods and Callum Spencer were teaching us “The Heartland”. It was really challenging, because we had to learn the whole choreography in only one hour and couple of minutes, so that we could concentrate for the rest of our dance session on further details. At the beginning it was a bit confusing, as many transitions were the same in some parts. But after lunch break, which was cut down to half an hour, we went through it again and again, in order to gain more confidence and memorise the steps and combinations. It was actually the longest dance we learnt, so it was important to have a good stamina. At this stage we were asked not only to dance through the steps, but also to perform the steps. In the first two dances, “Riverdance” and “Reel Around the Sun” we had to look pleasant, having tiny little smile on our faces. Only in “The Heartland” we were told to have a “real” smile. It wasn't easy, as we learnt the steps only few hours ago, but as time went on it became manageable. Surprisingly, I caught myself really enjoying the dance!

            After a dance session, Bill Whelan told us the story of Riverdance. It all started at Eurovision in 1994. Because of the success, Bill was asked to write the music for the whole show. He was influenced by Eastern and Latin music and played us many examples, which had massive impact on the show. For instance, one Flamenco song could be considered as a jig-pipe too. Usually, when he composed a bit of a song, he played it to the dancers and when they got an idea of the steps or could imagine various combinations, he developed it to a final version.

         We had dinner in another restaurant in Dublin on our way to Gaiety Theatre. It was nice to dress up after spending the whole three days in trainers and rehearsals clothes. When we entered, Riverdance Liffey Company was rehearsing “Reel Around the Sun”. They literally went through the whole show quickly, and if there was a tiny detail that had to be polished, they stopped there for a while. It was really inspiring to see the cast rehearsing.

           The show was just amazing. The atmosphere was incredible, because we knew some of the dances and could enjoy it therefore even more. Everyone was cheering, because seeing our instructors live on the stage was absolutely amazing and inspiring. This was the best Irish dance show I have EVER seen!!!

           Thursday was a really challenging day. In the morning, our instructors Emma Warren, Lauren Smyth and John Lonergan worked out rotations for “Reel Around the Sun” and “Riverdance”. We spent whole dance session drilling these two dances on our final positions. After lunch we were about to learn the heavy part of “Countess Cathleen”. The steps were just amazing and they forced me not just to dance through them, but really to perform them. The rhythm was quite difficult, but when we heart the drums, it fitted exactly into the “music”. Only the hornpipe part had left us, because we were on delay and had to learn the light part too. Slip jig is one of my favourite dances, so I really enjoyed learning the steps.

          After demanding afternoon, we were about to hit the road again to take part on the tour through Trinity College and to see “The Book  of Celts”. Those who have seen Harry Potter movies would understand when I say that the whole library was like a copy of that one in “Hogwarts”. It was truly stunning. We ate dinner at the campus (another Hogwarts-like room!) and returned to the Lir , where all dance sessions were held, to meet Bryan Burroughs. Bryan is a well-known Irish actor and he was there to share with us his experience how to be a better performer. For instance, when you want to look joyful, you should straighten up, smile and your eyes should be shinning. On the contrary, when you are afraid of something or angry, your chin goes down, you are “closer” to the ground and try to stare on the enemy. These fact aren't anything new, but it is good to hear them again and to think of them when you are on stage.

          And as usual, we spent the whole evening practising while doing the laundry. We found a glass door near the laundry room, so naturally we used them as a mirror!

           Friday was our final day of rehearsals. We finished the heavy part of “Countess Cathleen” in the morning and went through the light part. The music for both is just amazing, so it led me and I didn't even need to concentrate on the steps as much as usual. We were again together with Shannon group, so meanwhile they were working out rotations for the heavy part with Lauren and John, Lee group was polishing “Reel Around the Sun” with Sarah. I was extremely pleased that I was picked up for the heavy part of Countess, since there were places for only eight people. It was really demanding to think about all different positions and formations while concentrating on new steps. But it was really enjoyable too!

          After lunch we went through each dance many times; unfortunately we didn't manage to gain positions for the light Countess, as we needed to concentrate on the heavy one. So the girls from other two groups were about to help us during the showcase. We were just drilling the dances.

         After dinner we returned to the Lir and went through the dances on the stage. Each group had twenty minutes to become familiar with the stage and space. We only finished Countess in the morning, so each of us eight dancers was pretty nervous, because we had to dance it in front of other dancers. But we did it and were so grateful for that!

        Saturday was the day of our showcase. My group was in the second showcase, so after quick run through the dances, we had couple of time to practice in the dance studios. I was really excited! All of us had three dances to perform. I was in the second part of “Reel Around the Sun”, heavy part of “Countess Cathleen” and “The Heartland”. Our instructors were dancing the lead positions and were taking turns. I was so happy and excited that I could perform alongside those wonderful inspiring dancers! The lead dancer for “Reel Around the Sun” was Stephen Brennan. The whole dance was so quick, but it was really wonderful feeling dancing the first dance of the show. Although I was quite nervous before Countess, Siobhan and Emma, who danced the lead in this dance, with other instructors were back stage to help us. Even the Russian dancers joined us on the stage. I simply loved the dance, the most difficult thing was to have this nearly “fighting” face during whole dance. But it was really energetic dance too and I think I can say it was my dance number one among all the dances we learnt. To finish we danced “The Heartland”. Words can't describe how it felt like performing the final dance from the show. Although it was long, it was such pleasure to being able to perform it. The showcase was really quick but wonderful! Naturally, we stayed a while in the studios and took pictures with our friends and instructors.

       Because we spent with each other only six days and were divided into four groups, it was difficult to get to know each person there. But despite that I made there many great friends and it was hard to say goodbye to your dance mates. But we knew it wasn't the last time we see each other, because we definitely want to try this once again next year!

        I really don't know where to start to describe all my feelings and experiences. Every dancer, that wants to dance in a show one day, should try this at least once. It learns you how to perform; I learnt that when I have a feeling I give too much energy into a dance or I my facial expression is exaggerated, it is actually accurate and as it should be. It forced me to work even harder than I am used to; when such icons, as for instance John Lonergan or Lauren Smyth stand in front of you, you would dance not only 100% but at least 300%  even if you could hardly breathe. Thanks to Riverdance Academy I gained more confidence and started to believe in myself and say to myself “You can!”. It gave me tons and tons of other motivation why to work harder, why to seek  for a placement at a Championships and for a place in a show. It showed me other great possible ways how to warm up, how to do drills and how to get better. On the other hand you have to love Irish dancing to go there. It demands absolute dedications, discipline and at least 300% performance each day, but it is more than worth it! It gave me so much that I can hardly describe it and if I should tell you all, I think it would be a book of hundred pages at the least.

        To sum up, and judging from my own experience, if you want something, go for it, give it everything you can, do you best and hard work will pay off...because nothing is impossible!!!

June in inSpiral

04. 07. 2015

Last dance lessons of the season were held in Prague inSpiral Dance Company during the first June week. We will return to dance practise and tuition after summer holidays. We plan to commence the tuition from the 7th of September and we will offer the following classes. Time, fee and further information will be announced within next weeks.

Irish step dancing (all levels) – Mondays and Wednesdays (Uhelný trh, Prague1), Mondays (Pilsen)

Irish dancing for children ages 7-14 (beginners/primary) – Tuesdays (KD Kyje, Prague 9), Wednesdays (Uhelný trh, Prague 1)

Irish set dancing (age and level unlimited) – Wednesdays (KD Kyje, Prague 9)

dlouhé logo

Irish music, song and dance show Pulses of Tradition has kicked off its 4th season in Cork city, Ireland at the beginning of June. It is on every Thursday and Friday night in Triskel Arts Centre throughout the summer until the middle of September. The lead dancers, Andrew Vickers, Ciara Callanan Ryan and Tereza Bernardová are performing various Irish dance styles in the show. Among the musicians there are well-known accomplished musicians such as Brian Morrissey, Elaine Cormican, Eoin Coughlan, Richard Lucey, Nigel Grufferty a Caoimhín Vallely.


An audition into a new show “Celtic Origins” was held on Sunday 7th of June in Prague. Andrej Mikulka’s Dance-in-Pulse and French production company INGAL Production share the partnership on this new project. Around 17 dancers took part in the 4hr long audition. Successful dancers had been notified. The preparations for November/December French tour has already took off.


Grade exams in Irish dancing and ceilí workshop with Mary McElroy were organized by Slovak Irish dance school Avalon in Bratislava in mid of June. Five dancers from inSpiral Dance Company (Czech Rep. and Finland) took part and succeeded in the following grades:

Dominika Dvořáková – Grade 1 – 3 (A, B+, A-)

Bětka Růčková – Grade 4 – 6 (A, A, A)

Michaela Tvrdíková – Grade 4 – 6 (A-, A-, A-)

Heidi Aaltonen – Grade 2 a 3 (A+, A)

Tiina Murtolla – Grade 7 (A-)

Munich feis was held in the last weekend of June. Organisers, Mary Sweeney and Shane McAvinchey, invited three adjudicators - Carole Scanlon (UK), Bertie Roddy (UK) and Damien O’Kane (IRL) – and musician – Francis Ward (IRL). Munich feis is a popular, well attended annual event. This was the first time we had dancers from all three countries representing inSpiral Dance Company at the feis and they all have been very successful.


Selfie of some of  our dancers from Czech Rep., Finland and Germany / photo: I.Stolz


Milan Bartoš

Dominika Dvořáková

Blanka Hanzlová

Anna Ireinová

Anna Kalistratová

Kateřina Kovářová

Alžběta Růčková


Dancers from Démáirt dance group from Brno (CZ) representing inSpiral Dance Company / photo: A.Kalistratová


Heidi Aaltonen

Katja Matilla

Tiina Murtola

Laura Mustonen


Erblina Banushi

Nina Bürglin

Caroline Dehmel

Judita Kegreiß

Therese Mertz

Anna Österreicher

Luana Parisi

Bente Rautenstrauch

Valerie Stillwachs

Ellen Stoll


Tereza Bernardová was invited to tutor sean nós dancing masterclasses at the Blas International Summer School at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in University of Limerick at the end of June and beginning of July. Dancers from Argentina, USA, Kanada, Switzerland, France and Ireland were among the participants.  


Tereza tutoring sean nós dancing Masterclass / photo: from Blas Int. Summer School archive
image_4Dance Masterclasses participants/ photo: from Blas int.Summer School archive

May in inSpiral

01. 06. 2015

May was a busy month in inSpiral Dance Company. Irish May Festival was traditionally held on the first weekend of May in Prague. Opening event „Under One Roof“ was once again dance extravaganza of various Czech Irish dancing groups. inSpiral Dance Company performing group displayed their own choreography „Let your red out“ and Andrej Mikulka was the author of the final showcase „Step battle“. Masterclasses with dance icon Colin Dunne were highlight of the festival’s programme for many dancers, who took part there on Saturday and Sunday.




Let your red out - inSpiral Dance Company / photo: M.Kára


Under one Roof / photo:M.Kára


Masterclass with Colin Dunne / photo:M.Kára

Dance-in-Pulse group led by Andrej Mikulka returned home after successful 6-week tour in France with Pop et Corn show. It was a specially tailored music-dance-theatre-acrobatic show for one French bank, which proved to be a success. There are already preparations in motion for the next project „Celtic Origins“ focusing mainly on Irish music and dance dispaly, which will hit the stages in France already at the end of this year. 

inSpiral Dance Company students as well as performing group showed of several dance displays  at the Old Czech Fair in Kyje on Saturday 9th of May. The highlight of the event was the performance of Poitín – Irish music band. inSpiral dancers joined them on stage in several tunes.


inSpiral Dance Company / photo: M.Bernardová




inSpiral Dance Company / photo: M.Kára


photo: T.Zemanová


photo: M.Kára

024_MUPoitín / photo: M.Utišilová





inSpiral Dance Company / photo: M.Kára



inSpiral Dance Company / photo: M.Utišilová

Recent weeks we were focus on preparation for Prague Feis. Workshops were held in Brno and Hildrizhausen in Germany. Last weekend of May was dedicated to this Irish dance competition, where last year inSpiral Dance Company had its premiere. Five dancers from Brno were successfully representing our school then. We took part at various feiseanna and also major championships such All Ireland’s and the World’s since. This year we have multiplied number of participants dancing under inSpiral Dance Company and 33 dancers across the age groups and dance levels from various corners of the Czech Republic and Germany competed past weekend in Prague Feis. Congratulations to all of you for your beautiful dancing and fantastic achievements. Grand job!!! ;-)


Prague Feis - stage 1 / photo: T.Bernardová



inSpiral Dance Company from Czech Rep. and Germany / photo: T.Bernardová

Marina Inchina (U12)

 7. Beginners Reel

 14. Beginners Single Jig

 14. Beginners Heavy Jig

Sára Marie Mayová (U12)

 4. Beginners Reel

 14. Beginners Light Jig

 8. Beginners Single Jig

 8. Beginners Trophy Light

 8. Beginners Heavy Jig


Sárka and Marina (U12)/ photo: D.Mayová


Open dancers from inSpiral Dance Company - TSV Hildrizhausen (Rince Cara) / photo: T.Bernardová

Anna Österreicher (U15)

 5. Open Reel

 11. Open Champioship

Bente Rantenstrauch (U15)

 7. Open Championship

Ellen Stoll (U15)

 13. Open Championship

Isabela Rückel (U18)

 13. Open Championship

Katrin Indriksons (U18)

 12. Open Championship


Tereza & Marie (U18) / photo: T.Bernardová

Marie Roubalová (U18)

 6. Primary Reel

 1. Primary Light Jig*

 1. Primary Slip Jig*

 1. Primary Heavy Jig*

Tereza Matoušková (U18)

 1. Primary Single Jig*

 3. Primary Slip Jig

 5. Primary Heavy Jig

 8. Intermediate Reel

Anna Ireinová (U21)

 6. Primary Reel

 1. Primary Single Jig

 6. Primary Slip Jig

 3. Primary Trophy Light

 4. Primary Heavy Jig

 2. Primary Hornpipe

 1. Beginners/Primary Trad Set Dance

 5. 2-Hand (O18)


Primary Sinlge Jig (U21) - Anna - 1., Denisa - 2., Jana - 3. / photo: T.Bernardová


Beginners Trophy Light (U21) - Denisa - 1., Jana - 2. / foto: T.Bernardová

Denisa Tarantíková (U21)

 1.Beginners Trophy Light

 4. Primary Reel

 1. Primary Light Jig

 2. Primary Single Jig

 3. Primary Heavy Jig

Jana Vavřičková (U21)

 1. Beginners Reel*

 3. Beginners Slip Jig

 2. Beginners Trophy Light

 2. Beginners Heavy Jig*

 3. Primary Light Jig

 3. Primary Single Jig

 4. Beginners/Primary Set Dance

Lilith Berner (U21)

 6. Treble Reel (O18

 5. Open Reel


Treble Reel (O18) - Lilith - 6. / photo: T.Bernardová


Primary Slip Jig (U21) - Martina - 1. / photo: T.Bernardová

Martina Papoušková (U21)

 1. Primary Reel

 1. Primary Slip Jig

 2. Primary Trophy Light

 1. Primary Heavy Jig

 1. Primary Hornpipe

Michaela Doležalová  (U21)

 5. Beginners Reel

 2. Beginners Single Jig*

 4. Beginners Heavy Jig

Milan Štefek (U21)

 4. Beginners Reel

 4. Beginners Light Jig

 5. Beginners Single Jig

Radka Štefaníková (U21)

 6. Beginners Reel

 3. Beginners Light Jig

 4. Beginners Single Jig

 5. Beginners Heavy Jig

image_4Beginners Reel (U21) - Jana 1., Milan - 4., Michaela - 5., Radka - 6. / photo: T.Bernardová 

Alžběta Růčková (U23)

 3. Intermediate Heavy Jig

 2. Intermediate Hornpipe

 2. Intermediate Trophy Heavy

 3. Intermediate/Open Trad Set Dance

 3. Open Reel (U21)

Kateřina Kovářová (U23)

 3. Intermediate Hornpipe

 5. Intermediate Trophy Heavy

 2. Intermediate/Open Trad Set Dance

 7. Open Heavy Jig

 2. Open Reel

 5. 2-Hand (O18)

Barbora Kašparová (U24)

 1. Primary Heavy Jig

 1. Primary Hornpipe

 4. Intermediate Slip Jig

 9. 2-Hand (O18)


Primary Hornpipe (U24) - Bára - 1., Lenka - 4. / photo: T.Bernardová

Lenka Fuchsová (U24)

 10. Beginners Reel

 9. Beginners Light Jig

 9. Beginners Heavy Jig

Lenka Půžová (U24)

 1. Beginners Slip Jig

 1. Beginners Trophy Light

 3. Primary Reel

 4. Primary Single Jig

 4. Primary Hornpipe

 1. Beginners/Primary Trad Set Dance

 9. 2-Hand (O18)

Šárka Pouchlá (U24)

 6. Beginners Reel

 1. Beginners Single Jig*

 9. Beginners Slip Jig

 8. Beginners Heavy Jig

 3. Beginners Hornpipe

Zuzka Šiklová (U24)

 1. Beginners Light Jig*

 2. Primary Reel

 9. Primary Heavy Jig

 9. Intermediate Slip Jig


Beginners Single Jig (U24) - Šárka - 1. / photo: T.Bernardová


Beginners Light Jig (U24) - Zuzka 1. / photo: T.Bernardová

Dominika Dvořáková (U25)

 15. Treble Reel (O18)

 9. 2-Hand (O18)

 5. Open Hornpipe

 6. Open Reel

 4. Open Championships

Anna Kalistratová (U27)

 1. Primary Heavy Jig*

 3. Primary Hornpipe

 2. Intermediate Slip Jig 


Intermediate Reel (U27) - Lucie - 1., Anna - 2. / photo: T.Bernardová


Intermediate Hornpipe (U27) - Michaela - 1., Blanka - 3. / photo: T.Bernardová
Open Championship (U25) - Michaela 3., Dominika 4. / photo: T.Bernardová


Blanka Hanzlová (U27)

 3. Intermediate Heavy Jig

 3. Intermediate Hornpipe

 1. Intermediate Trophy Heavy

 5. Intermediate/Open Trad Set Dance

Lucie Špačková (U27)

 1. Primary Hornpipe*

 2. Intermediate Reel

 1. Intermediate Slip Jig

 4. Intermediate Heavy Jig

 3. 2-Hand Reel (O18)

Michaela Tvrdíková (U27)

 1. Intermediate Hornpipe

 3. Open  Heavy Jig

 3. Open Reel

 3. Open Championship

Milan Bartoš (U27)

 1. Beginners Slip Jig*

 1. Beginners Hornpipe*

 6. Primary Reel

 2. Primary Light Jig

 3. Primary Single Jig

 2. Primary Heavy Jig

 2. 2-Hand Reel (O18)

Kateřina Samková (U35)

 3. Primary Reel

 1. Primary Light Jig

 1. Primary Slip Jig

 3. Primary Heavy Jig


Primary (U35) - Katka - 1. / photo: T.Bernardová


Beginners (O35) - Daniela / photo: M.Kára


Primary Trophy Light (O35) - Simona - 1. / photo: T.Bernardová

Daniela Mayová (O35)

 7. Beginners Reel

 2. Beginners Light Jig*

 3. Beginners Single Jig

 1. Beginners Trophy Light

 4. Beginners Heavy Jig

Simona Šmídlová (O35)

 2. Primary Reel

 3. Primary Light Jig

 4. Primary Slip Jig

 1. Primary Trophy Light: Reel*

*progress to the next level

April in inSpiral

21. 04. 2015

This month has been bursting with dance events and activities. Two our dancers Dominika Dvořáková and Isabell Stolz took part in the 45th World Irish Dancing Championships in Montréal, Canada, during Easter holidays at the beginning of month. They both qualified to this prestigious event at the Mainland Europe Oireachtas in Den Haag last November. The quality of dancing in each competition was very high. Thanks to this year’s location there were many dancers from USA and Canada. Girls and ladies age groups included usually around 100-200 competitors in each category and due to the marking/grading system, which is currently used by CLRG, the placements went only as far as around 80th position. Many dancers, sometimes even half of competitors, especially in age groups with higher number of competitors, ended up with no placement. However, it was still excellent dance display by dancers from different parts of the world.


Isabell Stolz at the 45th World Irish Dancing Championships in Montréal, Canada / photo: T.Bernardová


Dominika Dvořáková at the 45th World Irish Dancing Championships in Montréal, Canada / photo: T.Bernardová

It was the very first World Championships for Dominika dancing at the Senior Ladies Over 21 competition and although she did not place, she presented her dancing very well. Isabell, on the other hand, is not a novice to dancing at the World’s  and with her 81st place in Ladies 18-19 she has recevied so called Aisling Award, which has been in recent years awarded to the highest placing dancer from Asia, Mainland Europe, Nordic Countries, Russia, South Africa or South America.


Isabell Stolz receiving her Aisling Award / from CLRG archive

On Easter Monday various traditions are held in different countries.  Group of inSpiral dancers - Veronika Nejedlová, Andrea Sidimáková, Blanka Hanzlová, Bětka Růčková, Paula Svátková and Karel Fous, who also joined Dance-in-Pulse group led by Andrej Mikulka, left on their 6-week long „tour de France“ with music-dance-theatre extravaganza Pop et Corn. This show has been put together by one of the French banks for employees and their families. Around 20 shows is being displayed these weeks in popular venues in various cities around France.


Pop & Corn show in France / from Dance in Pulse archive


Pop & Corn show in France / from Dance in Pulse archive


Pop & Corn show - Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon / from Dance in Pulse archive


Pop & Corn show in France / from Dance in Pulse archive

inSpiral Dance Company Finland held the second workshop with Tereza Bernardová during the weekend of 10th-12th of April. Around 30 dancers from different parts of Finland and St.Petersburg in Russia travelled to Turku. In 19-hour long dance programme competition step dancing in all levels was taught as well as ceilí and sean nós dancing.


inSpiral Dance Company Finland / photo: G.Kunin


inSpiral Dance Company Finland / photo: G.Kunin


inSpiral Dance Company Finland / photo: G.Kunin


inSpiral Dance Company Finland / photo: T.Bernardová

A group of four dancers from Brno (Démáirt) - Anna Ireinová, Kateřina Kovářová, Lenka Půžová and Lucie Špačková - went to represent inSpiral Dance Company to ISTA Feis in Gdansk,  where they competed on Sunday 19th of April. Trip to Poland was great for them as they returned back to Brno with smiles, trophies and medals.


left-to-right: L.Půžová, L.Špačková, K.Kovářová and A.Ireinová / photo: A.Ireinová


Anna Ireinová (15-20):

3.            Primary Reel      

1.            Primary Single jig

12.          Primary Slip jig

5.            Primary Treble jig

3.            Primary Hornpipe

2.            Beginners/Primary Trad. Set

2.            Any grade: 2-Hands U25: 2-Hand reel

Kateřina Kovářová: (20-25):

1.            Intermediate Reel      

1.            Intermediate Treble jig

4.            Intermediate Hornpipe

1.            Intermediate Trophy: Treble jig

3.            Intermediate/Open Trad. Set 20-25

2.             Any grade: 2-Hands U25: 2-Hand reel


left-to-right: K.Kovářová, L.Půžová, A.Ireinová and L.Špačková / photo: A.Ireinová

Lenka Půžová (20-25):

7.            Beginners Slip jig

10.          Primary Reel      

2.            Primary Light  jig

4.            Primary Single jig

1.            Primary Treble jig

5.            Primary Hornpipe

2.            Beginners/Primary Trad. Set

Lucie Špačková (25-30):

3.            Primary Hornpipe          

7.            Intermediate Reel         

8.            Intermediate Slip jig     

7.            Intermediate Treble jig               

3.            Intermediate/Open Trad. Set


trophies and medals / photo: A.Ireinová

On Saturday 25th of April four members of our performing group attended  rehearsals for upcoming Irish May Festival. They will perform with our new choreography "Let your red out" at the dance extravaganza "Under one roof" in Theatre Celetná on Friday the 1st of May. 


inSpiral Dance Company dancers before rehearsals for Irish May / photo: T.Bernardová

Last weekend in April was dedicated to set dancing in Prague. Sona Sol dance group invited Carol and Kevin Monaghan (UK) to teach set dancing workshops and Salamanca Ceilí Band to play fro three ceilís. It was very pleasant weekend and also reunion with many Czech and international dancing friends as well as seeing the band again. 


Salamanca Ceilí Band / photo: M.Kára


Markéta Utišilová and Václav Bernard / photo: M.Kára


Bára and Jakub Tuzarovi, Eva Gitschinská and Tereza Bernardová / photo:V.Bernard


Jakub a Bára Tuzarovi, Tereza Bernardová and Eva Gitschinská / photo: M.Kára


Gerard Butler and Eva Gitschinská / photo: V.Bernard


Tereza Bernardová and Gerard Butler / photo: M.Kára

March in inSpiral

17. 03. 2015

March has been busy month right from the beginning. Significant number of inSpiral Dance Company dancers from Germany and the Czech Republic were successful in the 4th Stuttgart Feis in Hildrizhausen at the turn of  February and March (see „February in inSpiral“). There were also few performances which helped us to promote Irish dancing itself as well as our school.  


Poitín and inSpiral Dance Company performed together in Pilsen on Friday 13th of March. St. Patrick’s night was part of the Smetana Days festival off programme and it was held in Pilsner Urquell brewery visitor’s centre.  Around 200 people in the audience were treated to various styles of Irish dancing as well as Andrej Mikulka’s unique tap dance a’cappella.  

Ceilí (Toffee Jigs) - inSpira Dance Company & Poitín

s Poitínem

Poitín and inSpiral Dance Company - Smetana Days, Pilsen 2015 / photo: T.Bernardová


slip jig / photo: M.Nedvěd


ceilí / photo: M.Nedvěd


sean nós dancing / photo: M.Nedvěd


photo: M.Nedvěd


Pilsner Urquell visitor's centre / photo: M.Nedvěd

inSpiral Dance Company also displayed short performance with dance tuition at the Irish O’dpoledne in Roztoky near Prague on Saturday 14th of March. The event was organized by James School and despite the unfriendly weather audience and organizers created very warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Irish O'dpoledne - Roztoky near Prague / photo: V.Bernard


Irish dance tuition in Roztoky / photo: L.Frízlová


Irish dance tuition in Roztoky / photo: L.Frízlová


Irish beer and green cake/ photo: L.Frízlová

A selection of the Czech and Slovak Irish dancers, with some inSpiral Dance Comany members involved, kicked off an intensive 2-week long preparation for the upcoming French tour: "Pop Corn et l'Incroyable et du Professeur Loufok Machine". Irish dance section is lead and choreographed by Andrej Mikulka.


Dance in Pulse at the Pop & Corn rehearsals / photo: Dance in Pulse archives

Tour dates are as follows:

Saturday      11.4. 2015                    - 15h30 ALENCON
Sunday        12.4. 2015                     - 15h30 NANTES
Monday       13.4. 2015                     - 15h30 ANGERS
Tuesday      14.4. 2015                     - 18h00 LA ROCHE SUR YON
Wednesday   15.4. 2015                   - 15h30 TOURS
Thursday      16.4. 2015                   - 15h30 SAINT ETIENNE
Friday            17.4. 2015                  - 15h30 LYON
Saturday       18.4. 2015                  - 15h30 GRENOBLE
Monday         20.4. 2015                  - 15h30 TOURS
Wednesday   22.4. 2015                  - 15h30 PARIS
Thursday      23.4. 2015                  - 18h00 HAVRE
Saturday       25.4. 2015                  - 15h30 BESANCON
Sunday          26.4. 2015                  - 15h30 MULHOUSE
Wednesday   29.4. 2015                  - 15h30 MARSEILLE
Sunday           3.5.  2015                  - 15h30 DIJON
Monday          4.5.  2015                  - 17h00 MONTBELIARD
Tuesday         5.5. 2015                   - 18h00 STRASBOURG
Wednesday    6.5. 2015                   - 15h30 METZ


"flashmob" participants / photo: S.Hončová

On Tuesday 17th of March a „flashmob“ event was held at the Main train station in Prague. It was initiated by one of the Rinceoirí memebers. Around 80 dancers mostly from Prague based Irish dance schools and gropus participated in the performance. The short display was a joint celebration of St.Patrick’s Day as well as it’s aim was also to draw attention of wider public and media to send the message out, that Irish dancing is a popular activity in our country.   

February in inSpiral

04. 03. 2015

Spring term classes kicked off in February. While we continue with step dancing classes for children and adult, the weekly schedule includes two new courses - Pilates and traditional set dances. We continue in the popular. Our Prague based performing group is preparing for the upcoming performances in Pilsen, Roztoky and in Prague (see calendar for events). 

The inSpiral Dance Company bags and children's T-shirts (size 10 years) are still available to purchase. For more information please ask at

The fourth Stuttgart feis was held in the village of Hildrizhausen near Stuttgart at the turn of February and March. Feis was organized by Halpin School and Rince Cara. Just under 300 participants from 10 different countries competed throughout the weekend. inSpiral Dance Company was represented in abundant number, because in addition to dancers from the Czech Republic there was a significant number of dancers from our local branch inSpiral Dance Company - TSV Hildrizhausen.

Stuttgart Feis - F.Indriksons

some of the inSpiral Dance Company dancers / photo: F.Indriksons

Thanks to all dancers from Brno (Démáirt), Prague (inSpiral Dance Company) and from TSV Hildrizhausen (inSpiral Dance Company / Rince Cara) for your participation and representation.

Démáirt Stuttgart

inSpiral Dance Company section from Brno (Démáirt) / photo: from the archive of Démáirt


photo: T.Bernardová


photo: T.Bernardová


photo: T.Bernardová


Maja Richter

3rd         Beginners           Stuttgart Special U6      

6th         Beginners           Trophy Light        U8


Leticija Barisic

6th         Beginners           Reel                    8-10      

6th         Beginners           Trophy light       8-10

7th         Primary                Single jig          8-10


Caroline Dehmel

4th         Beginners           Light jig             U10

5th         Beginners           Trophy light       8-10

6th         Beginners           Single jig            8-10

2nd        Primary               Light jig              8-10

7th         Primary               Reel                    8-10


Cecile Divet

9th         Beginners           Trophy light       8-10


Luana Parisi

4th         Beginners             2-hands            8-10

6th         Primary                Single jig            8-10

7th         Intermediate        Single jig           U10

5th         Open                    Softhoe championship     U10


Valerie Stillwachs

2nd        Primary                 Single jig             8-10  °

7th         Intermediate        Light jig               U10

4th         Open                    Softshoe championship    U10


Lea Schillaci

5th         Beginners           Reel                      12-14

5th         Beginners           Trophy light         12-14

6th         Beginners           Light jig                12-14

1st          Primary             6/8-hands             U15


Annika Wolf

1st         Beginners           3-hands               12-14

3rd         Beginners           2-hands               12-14

1st          Primary              6/8-hands           U15


Judita Kegreiß

1st          Beginners         3-hands               12-14

1st          Primary             6/8-hands           U15

5th         Intermediate     Light jig                10-14


Mona Krammer

1st          Beginners        3-hands               12-14

1st          Primary            6/8-hands            U15

5th         Primary             Trad.set               12-14

7th         Intermediate    Trophy heavy       10-14


four-hand team / photo: T.Bernardová 

Erblina Banushi

1st         Primary            4-hands               U15

1st         Primary            6/8-hands           U15

1st         Intermediate    Reel                      12-14  °

1st         Intermediate    3-hands               12-15

3rd         Intermediate    2-hands               12-15

3rd         Open – light round                        12-14

4th         Open – heavy round                     12-14

3th         Open championship                      12-14


Bente Rautenstrauch

1st         Primary             4-hands               U15

1st         Intermediate    Treble jig             10-14  °

1st         Intermediate    2-hands               12-15

1st         Intermediate    3-hands               12-15

3rd         Intermediate      Slip jig                10-14

5th         Open – light round                        12-14

5th         Open – heavy round                      12-14

4th         Open championship                      12-14


intermediate 2-hands 12-15 / photo: T.Bernardová

Ellen Stoll

1st         Primary            4-hands               U15

1st         Primary            6/8-hands            U15

1st         Intermediate    2-hands              12-15

1st         Intermediate    3-hands              12-15

7th         Open – light round                        12-14

9th         Open – heavy round                     12-14

8th         Open championship                      12-14


Anna Österreicher

1st         Primary            4-hands                U15

1st         Primary            6/8-hands            U15

3rd         Intermediate    2-hands               12-15

4th         Intermediate    Slip jig                  10-14

8th         Open - light round                        12-14

6th         Open – heavy round                     12-14

6th         Open championship                      12-14


Lea Lang

1st          Primary            6/8-hands           U15


Nina Bürglin

4th         Beginners           2-hands            14-16

6th         Beginners           Reel                   14-18


Theresa Mertz

1st         Beginners           2-hands             16-18

1st         Beginners           Trophy light       14-18  °

3rd         Beginners           Slip jig                14-18  °

6th         Beginners           Treble jig            14-18

2nd        Primary               Single jig            14-18  °

2nd        Primary               Trad.set              16-18

4th         Primary               Reel                    14-18

6th         Primary               Light jig              14-18


Madelena Winterhalter              

1st         Primary            Slip jig                   14-18  °

4th         Primary            Primary trophy      14-16

2nd        Intermediate    Light jig                 14-18

3rd         Intermediate    Reel                      14-16


Katrin Indriksons

1st          Primary             Trad.set               16-18

1st          Intermediate    Reel                      16-18  °

1st          Intermediate    2-hands               15-18

3rd         Intermediate     Slip jig                  14-18

3rd         Intermediate    Treble jig              14-18

11th       Open – light round                        16-20

12th       Open – heavy round                     16-20

11th       Open championship                      16-20


intermediate reel 16-18 / photo: T.Bernardová


Katrin, Tereza, Isabella / photo: T.Bernardová

Isabella Rückel

1st         Intermediate    2-hands               15-18

3rd         Intermediate    Reel                      16-18

5th         Intermediate    Slip jig                  14-18

6th         Intermediate    Treble jig              14-18

8th         Intermediate    Trad.set               14-18

7th         Open –light round                         16-20

11th       Open – heavy round                     16-20

9th         Open championship                      16-20


Jennifer Benedikt

1st          3-hands                                        18-24

1st          4-hands                                        18-24


Lilith Berner

1st          3-hands                                        18-24

1st          4-hands                                        18-24

1st          Intermediate    Hornpipe             18-24  °

4th         Intermediate    Treble reel            O18

7th         Open – light round                         O20

6th         Open – heavy round                      O20

6th         Open championships                     O20


Open Adult championship 18-30 - light round / phto: T.Bernardová


Four hand 18-24 / photo: T.Bernardová

Madita Breuninger

1st          3-hands                                       18-24

1st          4-hands                                       18-24

2nd        Primary             Treble jig             18-24

4th         Primary            Trad.set               18-24

4th         Primary            Hornpipe               18-30

2nd        Intermediate    Single jig              18-24

3rd         Intermediate    Light jig                18-24

1st          Open Adult – light round             18-30

3rd         Open Adult – heavy round           18-30

2nd        Open Adult championship            18-30

14th       Open – light round                         O20


Bianca Weber

4th         Beginners           Trophy light       18-24

8th         Beginners           Reel                    18-24


Jessica Kälby

1st         4-hands                                         18-24

1st         Primary               Treble jig            18-24  °

2nd        Primary                Trad.set             18-24

2nd        Primary                Trophy               18-24


Kateřina Kovářová

1st         Intermediate    Light jig                18-24

1st         Intermediate    Single jig              18-24

2nd        Intermediate     Reel                      18-24

3rd         Intermediate    Treble jig              18-24

3rd         Intermediate    Trad.set                O18


Dominika Dvořáková

4th         Open – light round                        O20

5th         Open – heavy round                     O20

4th         Open championships                    O20


Michaela Tvrdíková

1st         Intermediate    Reel                     18-24  °

1st         Intermediate    Treble jig             18-24  °

1st         Intermediate    Trophy heavy      18-24

2nd        Intermediate    Slip jig                  18-24

2nd        Intermediate    Hornpipe               18-24

9th         Open – light round                        O20

7th         Open – heavy round                      O20

8th         Open championships                    O20


intermediate treble jig 18-24 / photo: T.Bernardová

Lenka Půžová

1st          Beginners           Hornpipe             18-30  °

1st          Beginners           Reel                     18-24  °

1st          Beginners           Light jig               18-24  °

1st          Beginners           Single jig             18-24  °

1st          Beginners           Treble jig             18-24  °

1st          Beginners           Trad.set               18-24



first feis trophy collector / photo: T.Bernardová

Radka Štefaníková

7th         Beginners           Reel                      18-24

3rd         Beginners           Light jig                 18-24

3rd         Beginners           Heavy jig               18-24


Radka, Lenka, Milan / photo: T.Bernardová

Barbora Kašparová

3rd         Primary              Hornpipe                18-30

1st         Intermediate      Slip jig                   18-24


Blanka Hanzlová

2nd        Intermediate    Light jig               18-24

5th         Intermediate    Trophy heavy      18-24


Alžběta Růčková

3rd         Intermediate    Trophy heavy    18-24

4th         Intermediate    Treble jig            18-24


Lucie Špačková

1st         Primary             Reel                    24-30  °

5th         Primary             Hornpipe            18-30

1st         Intermediate    Light jig               24-30

2nd        Intermediate    Single jig             24-30


Anna Kalistratová

2nd        Primary             Heavy jig              24-30

3rd         Primary             Trad.set                24-30

1st         Intermediate     Reel                      24-30  °


intermediate reel 24-30 / photo: T.Bernardová


beginners single jig 24-30 / photo: T.Bernardová

Milan Bartoš

1st         Beginners           Single jig              24-30  °

5th         Beginners           Hornpipe              18-30

3rd         Beginners           Light jig                24-30

January in inSpiral

29. 01. 2015

New year has started on a busy note. A group of dancers from Prague, Pilsen and also from Hildrizhausen participated in dance workshops in Prague over the first weekend of January. A regular workshop was held also in Brno on Sunday the 4th of January.

Tereza Bernardová led the first series of dance workshops in inSpiral Dance Company Finland on the second weekend in January. Workshops were held in Tampere and along the local group, dancers from Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä and Vaasa took part over the weekend. A total of 16 hours covered tuition of selected dances from beginners to open level. Next workshop will be held in Turku in April.

inSpiral Dance Company performed at the Rakousy community annual ball on Friday 16th of January. In 15-minute  block a selection of various Irish dance styles – sean nós dancing, set dancing and step dancing - had been displayed by Dominika Dvořáková, Eva Gitschinská, Andrea Sidimáková, Markéta Utišilová and Tereza Bernardová.


Rakousy - T.Bernardová, A.Sidimáková, M.Utišilová, D.Dvořáková, E.Gitschinská / photo: archive of T.Bernardová

Andrej Mikulka kicked off the preparations for upcoming French tour which is organized in co-operation with Ingal productions (France) on Sunday 18th of January. Dancers gathered in Prague for first dance workshop.  Selected dancers from inSpiral Dance Company from Prague and Brno are also involved in this project.

Ingal production logo

Autumn/Winter term finished in Prague on the 22nd of January. However, it is possible to enroll to classes for the Spring/Summer term now. Updated timetable is avalable in „timetable and location“ section and classes outline can be found in „dance classes“ section of this website.

Isabell Stolz from inSpiral Dance Company - TSV Hildrizhausen was competing at the first Antwerp Feis in Belgium on the 24th of January. In a premier championships in age group Over 17 she placed at the 4th place.

Antwerp feis

1.Antwerp Feis - Linda Boone, Isabell and Sabine Stolz / photo: J.Herman 

Tereza Bernardová is currently touring France with Irish Legends show. If you are in France between 23.1. - 15.2. check the for venue near by you and make sure to not miss the show. 


Look back at 2014

01. 01. 2015

What was 2014 like in inSpiral Dance Company?

It was a very successful year, that is no doubt. Our dance school based in Prague is running regular classes and workshops in Prague, Brno, Pilsen and Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech Republic) and Hildrizhausen (Germany). At the end of the year we expanded to Finland with branches in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

From late spring we travelled to competitions and brought back number of medals and trophies  from Prague Feis, Münich Feis, Vienna Feis, RTME Open Feis, Ramstein Feis, and also to Bratislava Christmas Feis. We had 2 dancers dancing at the All Ireland’s Championships in Dublin. We also participated at the RTME Mainland European Championships in Den Haag with qualifying to the World Chmapionships 2015 and not only we have now European Champion in category Ladies Under 18 – Isabell Stolz – but also 5 qualified dancers for the World Championships 2015 in Montreal, Canada.

Apart from competitions we also peformed at number of events throught the year, whether as inSpiral Dance Company or as a part of other dance companies, projects and shows.  To name few, we peformed at St.Patrick’s Day Celebrations, Irish May festival, the international Tap Dance Day. Some of our dancers were peforming with Andrej Mikulka’s show "Impulses“ and with Dance-in-Pulse took part in "the Light of Insight" in Prague and Košice. Our dancer Dominika Dvořáková succeeded in audition to Take the Floor project which then took place in Ireland during the summer.

Here is a selection of moments through out the year. Enjoy!

Bratislava Christmas Feis

08. 12. 2014

A fairly noticable number of inSpiral Dance Company dancers travelled to Bratislava Christamas Feis on the weekend of 6th – 7th of December. This feis was organizied by Adriana Šturdíková and her Avalon Academy of Irish Dance.  Elaine Keaney O’Meara from Sligo a Mandy Hennigan O’Loughlin from London where adjudicating for the weekned and Kristian Fišl from Prague was invited to play for all competitions. Dance schools and groups from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary and perphaps from other coutries took part at the feis. Adriana

Adriana Šturdíková / photo: V.Bernard

Our Czech-Moravian group of total 17 dancers brought back home collection of medals and trophies. Some dancers successfully passed to the next levels.

         Daniela a Milan    Sára

LEFT: Daniela and Milan Š.; RIGHT: Sára / photo: T.Bernardová

sobota tým

 LEFT-TO-RIGHT: (back row) Šárka, Lucie, Iva, Bára K., Anna I., Bára P., Milan B., Denisa; (front row) Tereza, Hanka, Blanka, Katka, Bětka / photo: V.Bernard

Katka a Bára

 Katka (1st) and Bára (2nd) - Intermediate Slip Jig (18-26) / photo: T.Bernardová


Věková skupina

Tanec / Úroveň


Sára M.Mayová


Reel / Beg.



Light jig / Beg.




Treble jig / Beg.


Milan Štefek


Reel / Beg.




Light jig / Beg.




Treble jig / Beg.


Jana Vavřičková


Reel /Beg.




Light jig / Prim.




Single jig / Prim.




Slip jig / Beg.




Treble jig / Beg.




Hornpipe / Prim.




Trad.Set / B-P


Anna Ireinová


Reel / Prim.




Single jig / Prim.




Slip jig / Prim.




Treble jig / Prim.




Hornpipe / Prim.




Trad. Set / B-P


Denisa Tarantíková


Reel / Prim.




Light jig / Prim.




Treble jig / Prim.


Hana Juřicová


Reel / Inter.




Slip jig / Inter.


Anna Kalistratová


Reel / Inter.




Slip jig / Inter.




Trad Set. / B-P


Katka Kovářová


Reel / Inter.




Slip jig / Inter.




Trad. Set / Inter.


Alžběta Růčková


Treble jig / Inter.




Trad. Set / Inter.


Barbora Kašparová


Treble jig / Prim.




Hornpipe / Prim.




Reel / Inter.




Slip jig / Inter.


Blanka Hanzlová


Treble Jig / Inter.




Hornpipe / Inter.




Trad. Set / Inter.


Šárka Pouchlá


Reel / Beg.




Single jig / Beg.




Slip jig / Beg.




Treble jig / Beg.




Hornpipe / Beg.




Trad. Set / B-P


Milan Bartoš


Reel / Beg.




Light jig / Beg.




Single jig / Beg.




Slip jig / Beg.




Treble jig / Beg.


Barbora Podzemná


Reel / Prim.




Treble jig / Prim.




Hornpipe / Prim.




Trad. Set / B-P


Lucie Špačková


Reel / Prim.




Treble jig / Prim.




Hornpipe / Prim.


Iva Záleská


Treble jig / Prim.




Hornpipe / Prim.




Reel / Inter.




Slip jig / Inter.


Daniela Mayová


Reel / Beg.




Light jig / Beg.




Treble jig / Beg.


tým neděle 2
LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Anna K., Bára K., Iva, Katka, Blanka and Bětka / photo: V.Bernard

Whole feis was very well organized. It run on time, sometimes even ahead of the schedulled time. Adriana was pleasant presenter, despite the crowded school gym hall in combination with a bad accustics led to mishearing of information every now and then. However, that did not took away from the shine of the whole event, which every participant seemed to enjoyed. We wish Avalon Academy the very best of luck and growing number of competitiors in next years to come. Thank you for a great feis.

Note: Results will be added later.

RTME European Championship and Feis 2014

27. 11. 2014

RTME European Irish Dancing Championships with qualifying to the World Championships 2015 and Open Feis were held in the city of Den Haag, The Netherlands, over the weekend of 21st – 23rd of November. Next World Championships will be held at Easter 2015 in Montreal, Canada. This annual event was organized by Sean Kilkenny School of Irish dancing team with support of RTME.


photo: V.Bernard


Flag-parade / photo: V.Bernard

Competitions were running from Saturday morning until Sunday evening in prestigious Theatre aan het Spui in the city centre. There was also an accompanying programme. Flash Mob was on the list for Friday 21st of November on the shopping parade called „New Passage“ from 17:30. Opening Ceremony began with few hours delay on Saturday evening and it was held in theatre foyer.  Musical number, several speeches as well as dance performance of current Aisling Award holders from the World Championships 2014 and flag-parade were all part of the ceremony. Saturday night ceilí was organized by  an Irish Club Netherlands Den Haag Gaelic Athletic Association in the church hall of St.John & St.Philip.


Saturday Ceilí night - W.Paterson, A.Halpin, K.Murphy / photo: V.Bernard

This evening participants were mostly locals although group of Russian dancers was also present. Musicians William Paterson and Kevin Murphy from Scotland were in charge of the music and dancing was called by Jan Valkenburg, Ainé Halpin and Tereza and Václav Bernard were also involved in teaching few dances.


Isabell Stolz - the winner of competition Ladies Under 18 / photo: V.Bernard

Ten dancers from the Czech Republic and Germany were representing inSpiral Dance Company over the weekend at both, qualifying championships and feis. Five dancers have qualified to the World Irish Dancing Championships 2015. Compatitions were of a high standard and even though some dancers haven’t qualified, their presentation was great pleasure to watch. Well done, everyone!

Isabell and Tereza / photo: V.Bernard


Age group



Dominika Dvořáková

Over 20

Open championship



Under 19

European Trad Set Cup


Lilith Berner

Under 20

Open Championship


Isabel Stolz

Under 18

Open Championship


Katrin Indriksons

Under 16

Open Championship


Isabella Rückel

Under 16

Open Championship


Anna Öesterreicher

Under 13

Open Championship


Bente Rautenstrauch

Under 12

Open Championship


Ellen Stoll

Under 12

Open Championship


Blanka Hanzlová


Single Jig / Inter.




Treble Jig / Inter.




Hague Trophy / I-O




Reel / Open




Slip Jig / Open


Alžběta Růčková


Treble Jig / Inter.




Slip Jig / Open




Trad Set / I-O


girls 2

 LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Lilith (U20), Isabell (U18), Dominika (O20) / photo: T.Bernardová

girls 1

LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Isabella (U16), Lilith (U20), Isabell (U18), Dominika (O20), Anna (U13) / photo: V.Bernard

DSC_1139  DSC_1163

Blanka and Alžběta (17-25) - Intermediate, Open / photo: V.Bernard

October and November in inSpiral

24. 11. 2014

October and November were very busy for dance events in inSpiral Dance Company. We have successfully started competition season and all our dancers from the Czech Republic and Germany representing the school and their own country very well. Besides the competitions, there were also a couple of performances with Dance in Pulse group, where Andrej Mikulka and some of our dancers also operates. Dance concert Impulses performed its last show on the first November evening. At the same time we have new dance project on the way and Andrej is fully engaged with them at the momement. So stay tuned.

So what happened in the last two months?

Vienna Feis, Vienna, Austria

For some of our dancers Vienna for their return to competitions after a long break due to school transfer. For some, it was their first Irish dance competition experience and for some it was a start of another competition season. Vienna Feis was organized by the Austrian branch of Rafter School this year on the weekend of 11th – 12th of October. inSpiral Dance Company was represented by a total of 13 dancers from the Czech Republic and Germany. More in a separate report "Vienna Feis 2014”.


All Ireland’s Championships, Dublin, Irsko

At the end of October Dominika Dvořáková (O21) and Isabell Stolz (U18) travelled to the Irish capital for the All Ireland 's Championships. It was held in Dublin City West hotel from the 25th – 30th of October. Unfortunatelly none of tham has reached any recall, but for both it was a great experience because the competition was strong and the level of the competitors was much higher than in mainland Europe.

All Irelands stage

City West, Dublin - stage / photo: T.Bernardová

Domča a Terka All Irelands

Dominika Dvořáková (O21) and Tereza Bernardová / photo: T.Bernardová

Oireachtas na Samhna, Killarney, Ireland

Oireachtas na Samhna, an annual Irish festival which runs intermittently since 1897 was held in INEC, Killarney, Co.Kerry from the end of October and beginning of November. Current Oireachtas is mainly focused on literary, drama, music, traditional singing and dancing competitions in Irish, as the whole event is presented and promoted in the Irish language. This event has great attention of Irish media. RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta and TG4 television station transmits a live competitions in sean-nós singing and sean-nós dancing. Irish television station RTÉ and the BBC also broadcast various Oireachtas events throughout the year.

logo Oireachtas

Tereza Bernardová took part in a qualifying round of the Over 18 sean-nós dancing competition on 31st of October. Top 20 dancers have been selected from 50 dancers in total. Adjudicators to this pre-round were Labhrás Ó Conghaile , Catherine Foley and Dic Beamish. Tereza got through to the final round which was broadcasted live by Irish national television station TG4 on the 1st of November together with other age groups: Under 12, 12 – 15, 15 – 18. The winner of the Over 18 category was Sean Seoighe and Micheál Seoighe placed second, both from Co.Galway. All participants pulled a great performance and there is no wonder as there were accomplished dancers among competitors such as: Liam Ó Scanlon, Edwina Guckian, Michael O'Rourke, Marian Ní Chonghaile, Aidan Vaughan, Catherine O'Sullivan, Una Flaherty, Paul Moran, Curbert Arutura to name few.

zákulisí oireachtas Oireachtas winners

from left: INEC backstage and the winners of the O18 category - 1. Sean Seoighe and 2. Micheál Seoighe

Tereza Oireachtas

Final rounds of all sean-nós dancing categories can be watched on-line: > TG4 player> An tOireachtas > Steip Beo 2014

Impulses, Prague, Czech Republic

Impulses – dance and music show held its last performance  in Ponec Theatre on the first of November. This dance concert was a project of Dance in Pulse group and its author and choreographer was Andrej Mikulka. Since its premiere on 10th of December 2012 in Prague,  Impluses performed at various venues in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Impulses / photo: A.Mikulka archive

This project brought together dancers from various dance schools and groups - Andrej Mikulka, Martina Bokšová, Veronika Nejedlová, Marie Luisa Stiborová, Tereza Zadražilová, Michaela Tvrdíková, Dominika Dvořáková, Eva Gitschinská, Tereza Bernardová, Jakub Mašek.

Ramstein Feis, Ramstein, Germany

Ramstain all

Open Championship girls / from left: Isabella, Erblina, Anna, Isabell, Lilith, Ellen, Bente / photo: S.Stolz

German dance school Sweeney - McAvinchey  hosted  Ramstein Feis on the first November weekend. FEIS in Ramstainu. Some of our inSpiral Dance Company - TSV Hildrizhausen dancers participated and their results can be find below:


Age group

Dance / Level


Lilith Berner


Open championships


Isabell Stolz

16 – 18

Open championships


Isabella Rückel

14 – 16

Open championships



14 – 16

Reel / Inter.



14 – 16

Slip Jig / Inter.



14 – 16

Treble Jig / Inter.



14 – 16

Hornpipe / Inter.


Erblina Banushi

12 – 14

Open championships



12 – 14

Slip Jig / Inter.



12 – 14

Treble Jig / Inter.


Anna Öesterreicher

12 – 14

Open championships


Bente Rautenstrauch

10 – 12

Open championships



10 – 12

Reel / Inter.




Slip Jig / Inter.



10 – 14

Hornpipe / Inter.


Ellen Stoll

10 – 12

Open championships



10 – 12

Reel / Inter.




Slip Jig / Inter.



10 – 14

Hornpipe / Inter.


Theresa Mertz

13 – 18

Slip Jig / Beg.



13 – 18

Trophy Heavy shoe / Beg.



13 – 18

Reel / Prim.


Ramstain Isi

Isabell Stolz - Open Championships 16 - 18 winner / photo: S.Stolz

RTME Mainland European Irish Dancing Championships and Feis, The Hague, The Netherlands

RTME World’s 2015 qualifiers and feis were held on the weekend of  21st -23rd of November, in The Hague, The Netherlands. This event also celebrated its 10th anniversary. Along with the competitions there were several accompanying events such as Flash mob in the shopping arcad „New Passage“ , Opening Ceremony with music performance and a short display of Aisling Award holdem from the World Championships 2014. Also Flag-parade of participating countries. Saturday ceilí night was held in the Church Hall of St.John and St.Philip. Competitions ran whole weekned in the prestigious Theater ann het Spui in the center of The Hague. Whole event was organized by local Kilkenny school of Irish dance and the support of RTME. Eight dancers from Germany and the Czech Republic competed at the qualifying championships and two dancers from Brno took part in RTME Feis. You can read more in separate report.Plakát Den Haag


Vienna Feis 2014

13. 10. 2014

13 dancers from the Czech Republic and Germany in total were representing inSpiral Dance Company at Vienna feis in Austria over the past weekend. Dancers were competing across all levels from the beginners to open championship level.

On Saturday morning Bětka Růčková from Brno (Démairt) got through to the open level with her soft shoe dances - reel and slip jig – in 19-25 age group. Katka Kovářová, also from Brno, was dancing for the first time in intermediate level and placed on nice 9th place with her reel (19-25) and 5th place with traditional set dance: Job of Journeywork (20-30).

Brno ve Vídni

LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Martina, Alžběta, Kateřina and Anna / photo: T.Bernardová

In the afternoon there were open championships and that is where girls from German section inSpiral Dance Company – TSV Hildrizhausen where competing: Anna Österreicher (12-14), Katrin Indriksons (14-16), Isabell Stolz (16-18), Lilith Berner (18-21) and also Dominika Dvořáková (O21) from Prague. Competition in each age group was great and although girls haven’t always reached the top place, they visibly improved in their dancing  during that day. And such an experience counts.

Open dancers Vídeň

Open dancers / photo: T.Bernardová

On Sunday attention was tuned to Czech section. Dancers were competing in beginners and primary level in various age groups between 8 A.M. and 7 P.M. Šárka Pouchlá (19-25) from Brno was at her first feis ever while Daniela Mayová (O35) from Prague was at the feis for the first time since last year due to a year break from competitions. Bětka Růčková, Katka Kovářová, Anna Ireinová and Jana Vavřičková continued collecting medals and trophies, with some dances they also progressed to the next levels. Lucie Špačková (25-30) from Brno also returned to competitions after a year break and danced like if there was never any break.

name  age group   dance / level place
Šárka Pouchlá 19-25  Reel / Beg. 5. 
    Light jig / Beg 2.
Daniela Mayová  O35  Reel / Beg.  17. 
    Light jig / Beg. 4.
Jana Vavřičková  16-19  Reel / Beg.  3. 
    Slip jig / Beg. 1.
    Heavy jig / Beg.  1. 
    Hornpipe / Beg. 2. 
    Trophy / Beg. 5. 
    Light jig / Prim. 2.
    Single jig / Prim. 3.
    Trad Set / B-P 4.
Anna Ireinová 16-19 Heavy jig / Beg. 1.
    Hornpipe / Beg. 1.
    Reel / Prim. ?
    Light jig / Prim. 1.
    Single jig / Prim. 2.
    Slip jig / Prim. 6.
    Trad Set / B-P 2.
Martina Papoušková 16-19 Reel / Prim. ?
    Single jig / Prim. 1.
    Slip jig / Prim. 2.
    Heavy jig / Prim. 1.
    Hornpipe / Prim. 1.
    Trad Set / B-P 1.
Lucie Špačková 25-30 Reel / Prim. 3.
    Heavy jig / Prim. 2.
    Hornpipe / Prim. 5.
    Trophy / Prim. 6.
Katka Kovářová 16-19 Light jig / Prim. 1.
    Slip jig / Prim. 1.
    Heavy jig / Prim. 1.
    Reel / Int. 9.
  20-30 Trad set / Int. 5.
Bětka Růčková 19-25 Hornpipe / Prim. 1.
    Trophy / Prim. 3.
    Reel / Int. 1.
    Slip jig / Int. 1.
Anna Österreicher 12-14 Open champ. ? / 8. /12.
Katrin Indriksons 14-16 Open champ. 14./14./13.
Isabell Stolz 16-18 Open champ. 4./ 5./ 2.
Lilith Berner 18-21 Open champ. 7. / 8. / 9.
Dominika Dvořáková O21 Open champ. 4. / 5. / 4.

Vienna Feis was rather successful and all participated dancers represented their school and country with pride. Even though some haven’t always won, they danced with an effort and dedication and for those who know these dancers longer than few minutes on the stage, they still have done great job on the day. Participation at Vienna Feis was great start of the competition season for inSpiral Dance Company and thanks to all dancers representing so well their school, it is becoming more and more recognized.

Daniela Terka Vídeň

Tereza and Daniela / photo from T.Bernardová archive

Feis itself was very well done. Rafter school / Shamrock Dance Academy Vienna were very generous and treat almost every participated dancer with medal at least. Although there were 1 stage and 3 floors, both days were running with a delay, especially when it came to results. The acustics in the venue wasn’t great. However everyone from the organizing team was very patient and kind which contributed to overall good atmosphere during the weekend. Music was provided by popular feis musician William Patterson from Scotaland. Among the adjudicators were Séamus and Áine Ó Sé and Jonathan McMorrow and Claire Usher-McMorrow from Ireland.

So thank you all for a great feis!

September with inSpiral

01. 10. 2014



We have started second season with inSpiral Dance Company. Yaaaayyyyy!!! In September we have organized two FREE trial lessons in Prague – 3.9. in Prague 1 – Uhelný trh and 18.9. at primary school ZŠ Bratří Venclíků in Prague 9. The original offer of various Irish dance classes had to be unfortunately narrowed down for this semester. We also could not afford to open music class “Tunes for session” . However, we still accept dancers in most of currently running classes.

Irish step dancing – competition dances 1x / 2x a week – Prague, Pilsen

Irish dancing for children 7-14 age group – Prague 1, Uhelný trh

Irish dancing for children 7-14 age group – Prague 9, Kyje

Rhythm and technique – Prague, Pilsen

Tap dance for improvers – Prague

Tap dance for advanced – Prague

Physioteraphy for dancers – Prague


"Rhythm and technique" lesson in Prague / photo: T.Bernardová


"Physioteraphy for dancers" lesson / photo: T.Bernardová

There are number of competitions around contiental Europe and Ireland before the end of the year, which we are going to participate in. In October we are going to Vienna Feis in Austria and the All Ireland’s Championships in Dublin, Ireland. In November we are off to Ramstein Feis and the mainland Europe World’s Qualifiers and RTME feis in Den Haag, the Netherlands. At the beginning of December we will send our dancers to Bratislava Feis in Slovakia.


Impulses - Dance in Pulse - Andrej Mikulka / source: Impulses website

Beside competitions some of our dancers will be performing in upcoming Dance-in-Pulse gigs this autumn. The Impulses – Andrej Mikulka’s dance project will see its derniere on Saturday the 1st of November in Ponec theatre in Prague. Tickets are already on sale in theatre box office or Ticket Portal. But don’t be sad, as Andrej is already working on new project, so we all are looking forward to see it sometime next year.

In September we led weekend workshops in Démairt in Brno and also in Rince Cara in Germany, which in September changed its name to inSpiral Dance Company – TSV Hildrizhausen.


Workshop in Brno /  photo: T.Bernardová


Visiting Stuttgart during weekend workshop in Hildrizhausen / source: T.Bernardová

We have ordered second load of school T-shirts (in Adult sizes so far only). They are available in Hildrizhausen, Prague, Pilsen and soon also in Brno. We also have few extra ladies T-shirts in sizes S, M and L. If you are interested to purchase some, please contact us at  Unfortunatelly after we placed this order, someone stole both Andrej’s inSpiral T-shirts in white and black color. In case you see someone strange walking around in them, it is not paid advertisement. :(

tričkainSpiral Dance Company T-shirts / photo: T.Bernardová


Take The Floor 2014 - report by Dominika Dvořáková

16. 08. 2014

It all started on the 14th of April, the day I will remeber forever, when I received an e-mail, that I was selected a TTF cast member. I couldn’t wait to see all the people and to start the rehearsal.

The purpose of this project is to create a show in only 10 days and perform 3 show in different cities in Ireland. This year, the whole project was held at University of Limerick. The creators of TTF are Shane McAvinchey and Paula Goulding. The dances are choreographed by well-known choreographers – Michael Ryan, Ciara Sexton and Brendan de Galli. All this accompanied by on of the most famous bands of irish msic – Beoga. The show consisted of 12 dances, 3 songs sang by the winner of voice search Roisin Carlin and various songs played by the band plus one choreography called Hay Days. This year there were 54 dancers from all around the world. The show tells the story of the dancers and irish dance. Opening dance Din Jones was performed in a traditional manner and then the show focuses on the journey from the „normal dancer“ to the „professional dancer“.

A special FB page was created, so that we could introduce ourselves to each other, which I found very helpful, because we get to know each other a bit.

I arrived a day before rehearsal at UL. All the cast members were accommodated at Capavilla Village, which is really close to Irish World Academy, where the rehearsal took place.


Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick

The very first day began with step out – we were asked to prepare 24 bars soft shoe reel and 24 bars hard shoe treble reel. One by one we steped out the line and danced. Paula, Shane, Ciara and Michael were in the role of „judges“ as according to what we performed we were given the dances. Up to the eight day once, twice or more times a day Shanew came into the studio and divided us into groups, in which we then were working on the choreographies. The first day we started with our finale dance – Lovely Madness. In the studio a table with the names of the dances and its parts was placed and if the dance or its part was finished, Shane drew there an „X“, in order to know, how much we had done so far.

The routine was same on each day. The rehearsals started at 8am and ended at 6pm. From 12.30 untill 13.30 we had a break for lunch (sometimes it was shorter). Each day we were working on the choreography from previous days and then we were divided into different groups. When it happened, that we weren’t called (it wasn’t that often), we either went to the session with Jerry (Gerard Byrne), who was our performance advisor, or we went and practised steps we weren’t comfortable with.

If I had to describe each of the rehearsal day or each choreography, I think I could write a whole book. So I would like to mention just some dances and their desciption of trying to sumarize each rehearsal. That will take 100 pages.

My fav dances were „The incident“, Arrivals (also called Mischief) and „If only in my dreams“ (called Saggy’s). The first one consisted of two parts – first part was performed only by 8 boys and in the second part came 8 girls and we were dancing in couples or various formations – most of all, it was fun and this dance was so energeitc and dynamic, morover it was the opening choreography of the second half. The Saggy’s was choreographed by Michael Ryan and Ciara Sexton and it was about a dream, that every dancer has – to perform in the show. It was such an amazing slip jig with all the emotions that belongs to dream. It was not all about dancing but about the expression too. For me – definitely dance number one. The Arrivals were about dancers arriving into show life, it was a heavy shoe dance. Great reel with appealing steps and with a massive contact with the audience.

The incident

rehearsing choreography "The Incident" / source:

The last two days were the most difficult. Everybody was tired, beside the last day we left the studio at 10pm, because we needed to do some costume rehearsals and also Beoga arrived, so we rehearsed with the band too. On the day of the premier show we went to the studio again to try the dances in costumes we received with the bag from our costume lady. Then in the Limerick Concert Hall we did run through the whole show in the costumes. And then we started fulfilling our dream.

Although I was nervous only in a healthy way, on the day of our first performance I realized the responsibility we all have. Even if we might be tired, we had to deliver a great show to the audience. I really can’t desribe the feeling I had about the first dance. The joy that I was performing life, that I made ti to TTF and could be there. Although the show is quite long for us dancers, it was really quick.


selfie before the first show in Limerick / photo: D.Dvořáková

After the show there was a party in the Pavilion. Families, friends or other dancers arrived to celebrate the premier show with us.

The next day in the morning we were heading to Wexford – the journey took us just about 2 hours. We were all kindly suprised, when we received TTF T-shirts. After lunch we went into the streets wearing our T-shirts and promoting our show (also doing some Flash mobs). All of us could feel the pressure, because we were expected to make this show even better. But this show was really amazing. Not only we all enjoyed it, but also Ciara told us, this was the best TTF show she had ever seen.

From Wexford we travelled to Carlingford to overnight and the next day we arrived to Derry. First of all again in TTF T-shirts we did Flash Mob in front of the cathedral.


auditorium in Wexford / photo: D.Dvořáková


stage in Wexford / photo: D.Dvořáková

On the other hand our last show was really emotional. Everybody knew, that this is our finale show. At this point I would like to say something about Hay Days. Voice of each dancer, introducing himself or herself was recorded. This was something as our finale, our thanks to the audience. For example mine said: „Hi, my name is Dominika and I’m from the Czech Republic.“ You can imagine how emotional I was about it at the last show. At that moment I realized what I have achieved. I was about to cry. At the very end I just could hold it any more and I wasn’t alone. Many of us broke into tears backstage and in a minute we were supposed to sing. We were asked to sing in a chorus. Elaine Claming (cooperating with LOTD) came on the 9th day, gave us 3 voice exercises and we had to support Roisin. I know I will remember the words forever: „Sing it out sing it sout, sing it out shout it out sing it out, here to stay, here to stay, here to stay.“ And all again. After the show we had mixed feelings – joy and sadness, because we knew it was the end. Even the next day saying farewell to my friends was extremely hard and I got tears in my eyes.


Take The Floor Senior Ladies (O/20) in Derry /photo: D.Dvořáková


with Moya from New Jersey before "The Incident" in Derry / photo: D.Dvořáková


with Bianca from New Jersey before second half of the show in Derry / photo: D.Dvořáková


with Anou from Kentucky from the last show in Derry / photo: D.Dvořáková

I think I can try to describe everything, but it’s hard to describe all the feelings and all the things and moments. I met many friends, that’s why it was so difficult to say goodbye to them. Although the first two days were a bit more difficult, because I didn’t know anyone, as I travelled alone from Prague. But then I met two girls from US and then it all began. Yes sometimes we did hang out in the evenings, but as the dance classes were really physically demanding, sometimes or rather often I was lucky enough to do shopping after the dinner, do cooling down and then I went to the bed. You need to sleep, especially when you are expected to give 100% perfromance every day. Going to the bed after 10pm seemed so late.

You have to be really extremely determined and be convinced that you want to be a dancer. I have to admit that at some point I was totally exhausted – psychically and also physically. But I had to ignore that and go for my dream. And trust me, for the feeling being on the stage and being awarded by standing ovation and lovely words from choreographers and the joy of living a dream – it is more than worthy. But you can’t go just for a try, you have to go there for your dream.


Take The Floor participants / source: C.Sexton

I have learned so many things – enjoying dancing, being determined, stop being shy, behaving as professional dancer – sometimes we were asked to come in the black clothing to the rehearsal, as it is the best colour to see the shape of body and feet. Time to time Ciara, Shane and Michael talked to us how to write your dance CV, how to apply for a show. I went to a personal session wiht Jerry, where he advised me, what should I do better to become better dancer and performer.

I really did my best to describe and sumarize those 13 days but it’s hard to describe, you have to experience it. One thing I learned is – doesn’t matter you are tired, doesn’t matter your feet are sore, doesn’t matter you are sad and doesn’t matter you have no more energy – all of these are just excuses that prevent us from being professional. If you want to be a professional dancer – go for it and live your dream!


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