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BSS 2018

01. 05. 2018 | 19 views


This year you will meet some new faces among our tutors - fiddle class will be led by Ultan O'Brien from County Clare (IRL), Robert Harvey (IRL), who was very popular among lilting students last year, will expand his tuition also to Irish flute classes. Guitarists might be interested in guitar class which will be dedicated to fingerpicking and will be led by Jiří Blecha (CZ). Dance area is also offering some new classes this year. One, led by Dr. John Cullinane, will look at a selection of dances from recently published booked by American dance teacher James Mueller - 30 lost figure (ceilí) dances. Another new class will introduce American Country Dance - programme of this class is inspired by the book "American Country-Dances, Twenty-Eight Contra-Dances" by Elizabeth Burchenal, which was published in New York in 1918. The focus will be on older forms of country dance, some of which have a direct relationship to Irish dances - this class will be led by David Dvořák (CZ). We also introduce a new tutor - Michal Boleslav Měchura (CZ), whose aim is to teach students how to use Irish language in everyday social situations with occasional turning to theoretical themes (grammar, topography, personal names, dialects, etc.).

Like every year, we remind the first (important) deadline for applications on 1.6.2018, which will decide what lessons will really be on BSS this year.

All important information and application form can be found at: 


inSpiral Irish dance summer school

30. 04. 2018 | 19 views

There are still few places left for our very first Irish dance summer school in Finland. 


inSpiral Irish Dance Summer School | 1. - 5.8.2018 | Jyväskylä, Finland

Daily programme is designed to all those who are passionate about Irish dance and wish to improve their skills whether they are competition or non-competiton dancers. In addition if you like travelling, meeting new people or trying new things, our event is definitely one not to miss. 

Irish dance classes of all levels will be led by amazing dancer MICHAEL GARDINER - Michael won many regional and national titles including the Western Regional Oireachtas, Connacht Championships, British Nationals, Great Britians, All Scotlands, All Irelands, Irish Nationals and ultimately the World Championships twice in a row, including having a grand slam year in 2013/14. Michael retired in 2015 as the World Champion creating Irish Dance history when he won the Mens U20 World Championship title along with his younger brother Matthew who won the Boys U16 title. Michael has started teaching with the Hession School in Galway and the Trinity Academy in Chicago. He also dances with the Kilfenora Ceili Band, Fusion Fighters, Trad on the Prom and is currently touring with Riverdance. Michael is a keen lover of Irish dance and music, and is currently an Architecture student at the University of Limerick. 


In these classes dancers will work on Irish dance technique in both soft and heavy shoes, and taught material will be more of a show oriented. 

We are proud to have on board some local tutors who will provide the supporting classes and lectures which support Irish dancing. Our tutors have plenty of experience, especially with Irish dance, so the content of all classes and lectures is tailored specifically to Irish dancers. We’ll also have relaxing social activities planned for the evenings, including a Finish sauna experience or Farewell party on Saturday evening.

Do not hesitate any longer and check the details:

Registrations (by 30.5. 2018):…/1FAIpQLSfrcQCZwmw1W0V_Kd…/viewform

We are looking forward to see you in August in Finland!






Tereza Bernardová is featured in Celtic Life International magazine

17. 09. 2017 | 409 views

Tereza Bernardová is featured in October edition of Celtic Life International magazine. Currently on sale at

Celtic Life Int.

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